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Tips to Make Money With Your Own Computer At Home

Updated on December 18, 2013

Tips to Make Money

Writing to Make Money Online

There are so many ways that you can make money online,the simple thought of it can be exhausting. But where do you really begin?

First you have to get up to speed with your writing and English skills. Let's face it, if you can write then you can make money online.

You have to be creative and write about subjects that are interesting and unique to people. In other words, you want to write about what people "want" to read.  If you have any question on what people are searching for online , use the adwords keyword tool. 

This can be quite beneficial to you and help you decipher what to title your articles and to base your keywords around. This is what can make you money in the long run. Never write about information that is short and a waste of time for viewers that are visiting your website or article.

You must also make sure that what you write is full of keyword rich words that pertain to the topic at hand. This is both good for adsense and SEO building. The more information you put in the body of an article or web page, the better Google will recognize it and the higher it will be indexed when it gets crawled. Remember this money making tip.

Finally make sure that your work is not duplicated over the web. If you want to make good money with adsense and from organic search engines you must always have original work that you have created alone. This puts you a step above the rest.

Blogging for Riches

Blogging can take a lot of your time so it is important that you choose a topic that you love to write about.  If you can revolve your blog into different topics while maintaining your same niche, this can go along way in making money from the adsense revenue that you get from it.

You can say that blogging is also a hobby that people just love to do.  It gets their mind out of their regular daily lives and gives them a chance to do something they like to do while at the same time making money as well. 

Some of the popular blogs out there include,, and to name a few.  It is always good to have other blogs from the same nich pointing to your blog as well so that it can be raised in the search engines, hence more traffic and more money for you.  These are just some of the tips to make money online.

Associated Content

You can also make money while writing with Every time you publish something that Associated content recognizes as searchable by most people they can give you an upfront payment.

People write about so many different topics and subjects in associated content that they practically have their own community just like hub pages does.

The wait to get published is usually seven days, but in the meantime you can add up all of your articles and submit them at once if you like. You can also get monthly performance revenue depending on how many people click don your article.

So, if you like making money a little quicker, writing for Associated Content can get you there much quicker. Although it will take you longer to make lots of money in the long run doing this, the thrill of an upfront payment is always nice to have.


Kontera places in content adds in the body of your articles or web pages. So everyrime somone clicks on your linked keyword on your content body you can also make money online this waty. This is especially good if you already have lots of traffic that is being generated to a site each day.

I have seen many people make tons of money this ways because of the daily hits that they get. Kontera is similiar with Adsense except that it takes much longer to get good revenue compared to the higher quality of Adsense.

It is up to you to decide on what to use, but if you had to leave it up to me, I would pick Adsense versus Kontera any day. That's just my opinion though.

My experiences using Kontera have not been a pleasant one. You have to actually submit an individual code for each website or page. If you don't do this, they take away your revenue that you made for improperly placing a script that belonged to another website.

I didn't like this at all so I stopped using it. Not only that, when users click on a link you hardly make barely anything at all. Just not worth it for me.

Again if you want high quality clicks that easily convert into more revenue, I would recommend Adsense any day. That's just my 2 cents on it.

Affiliated Programs

You can also make money by putting ads on your site from affiliated companies though Share-a-Sale or Commission Junction. If you get approved, you will be able to display certain website banners or html links to your site and make money this way.

Of course you have to have a website that has traffic and you have to match a specific advertiser to a product or description that your website or blog entails. It is always important to choose relevant advertising content that matches your article or website.

It's never a bad idea to join an affiliated company so that you can increase your revenue profits. I highly recommend it and yet again, this is another great tip to make money online. You just have to know how to do it, is all. Soon as you get the hand of things you will be on your way to making great money.

I can tell yo now that it will not happen overnight but if you have the heart of a Lion that does not give up to defeat as the months pass by, you will succeed. Remember that you are a master of your own destiny and if you say you will be wealthy in the future than you will be.

I hope that these money making tips were able to give you a clearer picture of what you can do to make money online.  Remember that just posting things online is not the only way of making money.  You will also need to try to promote everything that you post so that you can get some kind of visibility online as well.

A Site That Pays You in Adsense to Create Your Own Backlinks?

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I ran across Xomba a while back and it seems very much like Associated Content and hubpages. You write articles for money here.

After doing some research on the site I read some of the success stories and was quite impressed by them. There was a person that claimed $30.00 in revenue from 85 followed links by $50.00 in revenue and the following month from a total of 115 backlinks. I though this was pretty interesting.

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During the first week, I submitted about 58 bookmarks and I have received over 317 clickthroughs to my article submissions. I approximately earned $4.50 in direct earnings. The Xomba site reports about 915 views to my submissions.

Xomba has a choice of features called Xombytes. These are short articles that are called xomblurbs. These are nothing more than a a title, link and a short description.

I feel that the two hours that I spent will return enormous revenue for me in the long run. pays users via adsense impressions. You can also track and view your revenue earnings via adsense URL channels. Yet another tip to make money online.


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      Amber Allen 8 years ago

      Sound advice Anton. I must admit I don't rate Kontera either. Amber