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Tips to Save Money for Students in the Philippines

Updated on June 10, 2012

Simple Ways to Save Money for Students

Is it hard for you to save the allowance that your parents gave you because you don't know how to spend your money properly? Well, try this few tips that I've been doing in case you have hard time saving your money. Also this tips are very special for students in the Philippines like me. :)

1. Think before you buy

- This is a big problem for me before because I'm a panic buyer. Every time I saw nice things that I can afford, I will go buy it. Especially if there are sales/discounts on malls, shops, or restaurants, I always go crazy with those. So try to think practically before buying something and consider the questions like "do I need this?, is it worth the cost?, is this thing needed now? and etc". Don't just consider the sales/discounts because the important is that if the thing that you're buying is needed or important. But the most important is that you become a wise buyer and you practice your decision making skills if you think critically before buying.

2. Plan your budget

- Budgeting is very important for all of us students. If you really want to save money, this is the important thing that you need to do. I construct my budget plan by using my phone or Microsoft Excel, but a paper can simply work. Here you can list and plan the things you purchase. You can list here the things to where your money goes in, such as food, transportation, school fees and etc. Well, it's good thing for you if you construct a good budget plan and if you think you can save a lot of money through your allowance. But the most important is that you follow and do what is on your plan.

3. Try walking or biking when going to school

- If your school was near in your house/apartment, walking and biking was a good option for you. You can save your transportation fees with it and it is also a good form of exercise for you. But if your school is too far away from your house, you can just simply ask for your student discount in any jeepney,bus or taxi you're going to ride in.

4. Bring your own food

- I know we're always tired and hungry when we are in school, that's why there's always a snack time or merienda during breaktime and after school. But sometimes the food that we buy on the canteen is expensive, that's why it's a good thing to just bring your own food when you're in school. You can just simply make your own sandwich, bake some cookies or bring your own bottled water. In that way, you can save a lot from your allowance. And also, it is important to minimize buying unhealthy foods such as potato chips,candies and etc., and also going to fast food restaurants.

5. Don't always go to malls

- Going to malls is not a place where you want to go when you need to save money. You will just be tempted to purchase something on what you are seeing there. Go only when it is needed or when you have some important things to buy. Or just simply manage your schedule on when you are going to malls. Also with fast food restaurants, computer shops and etc.

6. Open a savings account in a bank

- This is just optional, but if you really want to save your money and you want a place to hide it, opening a savings account in a bank is a good option. But you can just simply hide it in a piggy bank, a case with a lock or hand it down to your parents. The important is that it is in safe keeping and you're not always taking from it.

7. Apply for a scholarship

- Applying for a scholarship is a good way to save a really big amount of money because you can receive a big discount from your school fees. And some scholarship programs give allowance to the students so that must be a big help. Applying for a scholarship is also a good way help our parents.

I know it is not only in school where they offer scholarships, because there are some companies and government that offer scholarship programs now. So you must be aware of these programs. Try to research and ask some of your friends,classmates or teachers about it.


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    • profile image

      Power Pinoys 24 months ago

      In addition to what's been written above, there are other practical things you can do such as instead of joining social climbers, better live a simple life.. there are other good stuffs here

    • profile image

      alaiza fe sebonga 2 years ago

      i don't speak too much english,i only know a little bit english but not really good at englis,so just forgive me for my english speakin^_^,ialways plan how to save my money but i really can't control myself not to by anything precious.what shall i do?

    • profile image

      Marcelo 4 years ago

      I was pleased by this article and I plan to write something with reference with it, don't worry I'll acknowledge its it alright?

    • profile image

      Ostifr Maxac 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      michael 4 years ago

      nice's really works... from now on, i always save my money using your article.. VERY NICE..