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Tips to Save Money on Utilities

Updated on March 11, 2012

Use Power Strips on Inactive Electronics

The most effective thing I did to reduce my electricity bill was to use power strips. Many devices are electricity hogs because to turn on instantly, they need current constantly. Others have clocks pullling current, which you may or may not need.There are many more devices of which I am unaware.You can consult your local electric company or a great resource is Energysavers by the US government.

I can wait a few minutes for these items to turn on at huge savings. I don't need clocks running in my DVD/VCR, etc. Too much energy use can also hurt the power grids in your area, causing brown-outs or just outage altogether. (This is more of a problem in the summer when air conditioners are running full blast.)

Check Window and Door Heat Loss

Much gas usage in the world is lost through single pane windows. Depending on the age of the house, upgrading to double-pane is a great energy saver.

M father made this upgrade to his 1958 house in the 1970s. He is an electrical engineer who chose to take thermodynamics as his secondary after physics.

When I chose to purchase a house, I checked that the windows were all double paned. In my previous 1950s era apartment, my bill was $150 per month. It is now down to $65, a sizable savings.

Also check that the rubber door liners are in good condition, since cold air seeps in through these areas. Sometimes, the doors do not work very well with this insulation clogging them, etc. We all like to get into the house quickly and safely. Stuck door liners can present a terrible problem to your safety and inconvenience the closure of the door. Similar conditions prevent full window closure.

Thieves look for problems such as these as easy ways to make entrance into an abode.

Get Your House Checked Out

There is a fee for services to see where your house is losing electricity and heat. Public service companies in many areas can do an entire analysis for a reasonable price. For instance, in Colorado it is Xcel energy. In New Mexico, check with PNM.

Other businesses offering these services can also, but I recommend checking out their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, because this also influences your vital safety. (Sorry, please put in comments for other countries or organizations.)

When your bill can drop as substantially as mine did, your investment in such services is very good. Saving $90/month sure helped me!


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    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 5 years ago from Aurora

      Thanks so much. These utilitiy bills keep increasing in an outrageous way each year!

    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 5 years ago from Kenya

      These are useful tips. Voted you up!

    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 6 years ago from Aurora

      Dear Nell,

      Things work quite differently "over the pond". For a time, I used a radient heater which quite burned up an expensive chair.

      I use these oil-filled heaters, which do heat up SLOW. My fear of fire is too great to use a radient one.

    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 6 years ago from Aurora

      Dear tamarawilhite,

      I cannot tell you in your specific case. Electric/Gas companies will do an examination. Your furnace needs cleaned, it could be a lot of things.

      Get double-paned windows, if possible or do not rent if they are unavailable. My winter gas/elec bill went from $150/mo to $60.

    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 6 years ago from Aurora

      nicregi, I have these old CRT televisions which use juice so that they can promptly turn on. These are on a power strip.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, my plug in fire is probably the worse for useing electricity, if my gas boiler runs out of money I have to use the fire, and it just sucks up the money, cheers nell

    • tamarawilhite profile image

      Tamara Wilhite 6 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      Which appliances are the biggest energy hogs?

    • nicregi profile image

      Reginald Chan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      Interesting. For me, I usually make sure all plugs are unplug when I am out of the house. Try turn off lights that we are not using. These might look simple but certainly worth the effort. A little, makes a mountain after some time :)