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Tips for Saving $250 A Year

Updated on March 28, 2012
Introducing  The Piggy Bank family.  Just imagination how much change they can save for you.
Introducing The Piggy Bank family. Just imagination how much change they can save for you. | Source

Can you imagine the amount of money you could save if you made a few changes in your life style. First, the word change as two different meanings that can both be attributed to this hub. Change in your life style and change in your pocket. Below are tips and comparison's that may just save you more money than you thought possible. I believe you could exceed the $250 savings question this hub is an answer to.

  1. Use only bills to pay for any purchases, the coins received should be placed in a container - Use a big water jug. Keep the change for one year. Go to your bank, use the coin counter and see what you saved in just change alone.
  2. Stop buying coffee from a coffee shop. Make your coffee at home. The standard cost is approximately $2.00 a day, if not more. Buying a coffee Monday through Friday cost $10.00. With even paying $5.00 at the grocery store you would still save $5.00 a week. That alone would save you $250 a year.
  3. Make you lunch at home. A loaf of bread $2.00, deli meat $5.00, cheese $3.50, small bag of chips $3.00 and soda $3.00. This is based off a week of work lunches. You would spend $16.50 for a week of home made lunches. If you bought lunch every day you spend at least $5.00 which is $25.00 dollars a week. You would save $8.50 a week.
  4. Buying store brand products instead of name brand can save you anywhere from $1 to $3 dollars per item. That will depend on where you shop.
  5. Cut out coupons, the money you save using these can be added to your jug instead of going to the grocery chain. Why put more money in their pockets, put those savings in yours
  6. If you're a smoker smoking 1 pack a day cut back and make the cigarettes last longer. If you smoke 2 or more package cut out one of those packs. Not sure where everyone lives but I am Mass and the cigarettes here are $10 a pack and more depending on where you buy them.
  7. If you buy scratch tickets or play the lottery cut back a $1 a week and you're on your way to saving $52.00 a year.


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