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Tips youtube 2016 - news

Updated on May 1, 2016

Dead mass Youtube Channel status? How to fix

Dead channel status ongoing series on community make money YouTube series, group, shared members Fanpage status dead the series channel updated constantly makes Youtube bustling Vietnam MMO community must be up.

Dead series channel members share on Facebook

Why this condition occurs
Much of what you take to make money on YouTube channel and share on the death of the community are all new people join to make money from YouTube are all in the form is Re-Upload (upload the Video again and make money) and to see the situation they know treat and prevention? And this article will guide the remedy, but not 100% but to radically restrict a lot.

Facebook-Death series Youtube Channel

Overcome death YouTube channel
YouTube does not remove natural channel of you go, there's a reason, there is a special thing that is all you are violation of the channel to be killed policy on copyright or content so the direction of the first remedy that I want you to accept it is to please consider the dead channel is normal because even you have violated policies of the program. In addition the problem Report each other in the HOT topic is also a cause that lead to this condition.

To limit us to overcome those weaknesses after YouTube and the Network's updated send mail notification to everyone

The title does not contain the Full Episode, Full Movie ...
Do not put Tags in the description (see how the written description of the Video)
Should put 4-6 tag in the Tags
A day should Up 1-3 Video/Channel
So do the individual Videos, Thumb not misleading.
Use a question about using copyright or Upload the Video again (this part is the most important part)
Experience of avoiding death many channels
Here are some of his collectibles experience was and also through all his experience, I don't follow the bulk or SPAM should not be killed or lan channel series but it do so friend fucking gauge and share with you.

You can use the browser in incognito mode (the mode does not save Cookies)
Delete Java, Flash (used by Google to track our computer)
Should self created Gmail, Gmail not purchase confirmation order to create multiple channels
After creating the Gmail should create a full Profile, avatars and increase interactivity on your account
Should create 1 channel/1 Gmail
Here are some of the criteria and procedures to help you can limit the dead status channel, usually you will Spam the keywords in the description to good for SEO, but this section is okay, maybe it's good for SEO but follow YouTube's law and optimized the other part of that standard and the currency back into the fruit and not killed many channel is a worthy story to those rules.


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