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Send Faxes from Your Internet Browser Free

Updated on January 4, 2014

This is going to be an interesting article because I finally found something that would keep me at home and not go out each and every time I had to send a legal document that was either notarized or just needed to be signed. Especially if you are refinancing a house and are always in the need of fax machine handy to send out pages and pages of faxes each and every time.

I was searching for something convenient to use on my phone so that I can just take a picture of whatever I needed to have scanned and either fax it from my iphone or computer. Whatever way possible I was determined to stop going to my postal service center across the street to fax embarrassing and personal legal letters and documents to creditors, refinance departments and so forth.

So, I found a company called Pamfax that can successfully fax pictures from my iphone or any digital camera and fax it to whoever needs it. I'm sure there are others as well that even google provides, but I was looking for something simple and easy to use because I don't have time through out the day to learn new software just to fax something off quickly.

They even gave me my own fax number. I mean how cool is that? I always thought that having a fax number and a fax machine at home was going to cost me unnecessary charges. But with Pamfax, all that has disappeared to one convenient way of sending and receiving faxes from home without any fax machine.

Can you imagine the burden of driving somewhere to send faxes just because you won't stand having a fax machine at the house? I have had things that were legally signed, notarized and so forth, faxed from my home using this most convenient service.

When I signed up, they gave me a significant amount of credit points to send out faxes from my iphone or computer for about a month or so. When I ran out I used the promo code and added additional credits to my account. By far, this has been one of the most convenient ways to send and receive faxes and eliminate the burden of going anywhere again to do this.

I was able to check the sent faxes and the outbox to see if my faxes were indeed going through successfully. This is another feature that I like about this service. So, when my fax is done, I always go to the sent faxes and always confirm that it goes though. It doesn't matter if it's one page or multiple pages. This is going to revolutionize how people and businesses in the future don't really need any fax machine to even send and receive faxes. Having this as a web based service for me has not only saved me time, travel and the costly fees to send faxes in the post office. But, it has greatly improved our level of convenience for me and the family.

They have a redeem voucher option where you can always get from their facebook page whenever they post anything. You can use this to save money on future faxes as well. This has benefited me the most so far. After it was all said and done, I was so happy that this ever existed that I bought my first and lowest subscription for about $14.00 and now I fax like crazy. I would definitely recommend this to anyone not wanting to get up from their couch and send anything that requires driving somewhere to get it done.

Besides, people wanting to send faxes from home, I am pretty sure that small or large business can really make good use of this and all without any hardware at all? Can you imagine a business that sends and receives faxes without a fax machine. This must be how technology is finally moving forward without the need of such hardware to clutter up the office space.

I am enjoying it from home, so I am sure this can really help business in a phenomenal way.

This is why I tried it~

The site first grabbed my attention because of the following below. I needed to fax some documents in a hurry and was looking for a site to try out without paying anything up front. So, this is what I found.

  • They give you 3 FREE pages after sign up<------This helped alot
  • NO monthly cost & NO ads anywhere on the site
  • There was NO credit card required to sign up
  • Low worldwide rates
  • They have an address book that saves for easy sending
  • Add-ons are available for Outlook and Zimbra
  • You can Send and Receive from/to
    Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive
  • A FREE fax number was provided with unlimited reception
  • The whole thing was very easy to use


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