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Tolerance: Buy Tolerance Online

Updated on October 3, 2015
The word tolerance spelled with cool symbols.
The word tolerance spelled with cool symbols.

Tolerance: Buy Tolerance Online

Everyone longs to be loved, or at least tolerated. Entire organizations generate a comfortable living endorsing tolerance and helping us pack for guilt trips should we overlook one potentially intolerable group or another. Look online for tolerance-inducing accouterments. Full tolerance is only a few clicks away. It's all good.

Tolerance accessories will help you on your journey to loving your fellow humans. It's always more difficult to hate someone you know, and easier to fall deeply in like with someone who shares your interest in tolerance-related paraphernalia. Ordering mass quantities of coexistence online with an Internet connection and a credit card offers opportunities for world peace.

What I truly desire is for you, dear reader, to tolerate the spammy elements prominently displayed throughout this article. I did my best. Please take time to overlook my crass commercialism. Ponder, instead, the witty verbiage interspersed betwixt stuff you might order online. A sad day it would be if you immediately find yourself clicking away from my composition simply because it tries too hard.

COEXIST and TOLERANCE Bumper Stickers

Ensure your vehicle is fully tolerance compliant with these adorable bumper stickers. These days, it's not enough to simply behave in a tolerant manner: informing fellow motorists of your intentions makes you a friend of all who share the road with you.

Buy enough to adorn the front and rear bumpers of all your cars and trucks. Many motorists overlook the front bumper. Should you run over a deer, you certainly want him to know that you still harbor tolerance in your heart despite your murderous driving habits.

"My Cat Tolerates Me" T-Shirt

Adorn yourself with this darling homage to your persnickety kitty cat. We all know that cats expect to waited on, worshiped, and generally placed upon a pedestal. Consider it a bonus to be tolerated by your domestic feline.

We all love our cats, which is almost as good as tolerance these days. Are you a dog lover? That's tolerable as well. Cats and dogs may never get properly acquainted but we sentient humans charged with their care can certainly learn to like each other.

Skechers Identity Tolerate Mens Shoes

Shoes tolerate so much for us, yet ask for so little. The Sketcher's Corporation pays tribute to our oft-ignored footwear by naming a product after the concept of tolerance. Sadly, the Sketcher's Corporation no longer lists such shoes on Amazon, leaving us with an applicable substitute as demonstrated at right.

Slide your feet, or the feet of someone you love, into leather pockets of respect and comfort. It worked for the cow, anyway. These rugged yet stylish clompers are perfect for marching on Washington or interviewing with a non-profit organization that promotes tolerance.

My Baby Don't Tolerate

Lyle Lovett knows the meaning of not being tolerated: his baby don't tolerate him. When your baby withholds tolerance, it's all downhill. Food don't taste good and your grammar suffers.

You can hear him sing about it. Download a few tracks from his seminal portfolio of odes to tolerance and intolerance. Feel his angst and suffer along with his pain. No one puts tolerance to music quite like Mr. Lovett. Perhaps Arlo Guthrie comes close.

Handcrafted Art - Chinese Calligraphy Large 8X10 Script - Endure/Tolerate

Should you take time out from your day and scribble the word "tolerate" on an index card, it would hardly be considered 'art' in the sense that few people would go online to order it. On the other hand, were you to write it in Chinese and anoint it as calligraphy, the world will click a path to your online door. This rendering of the word "tolerate" in a foreign language is sure to impress all your Chinese-speaking friends at the next tolerance meeting.

For all your friends who neglected to learn Chinese, use this artsy thing as an ice-breaker. We don't mean literally: that would be fruitless because cardboard has little effect on ice.


You can spell the word "tolerate" in two dimensions with the game of Bananagrams. Dump out the tiles and get to work, before someone spells "intolerate", which might even be a real word. Play the game with friends and family who will tolerate your misspellings.

You could remove all the 'i's and 'n's to prevent intolerance from creeping into your spirited games of spelling skill at the kitchen table. Conversely, perhaps permitting intolerance to be spelled at your kitchen table is the first step on the road to total consciousness. We're not here to judge.


Can you buy tolerance online? We say yes, as long as you have a valid credit card. Log on and start tolerating.

The world needs more acceptance of who we are. Allegations, intolerance, impatience, and just plain meanness should not be permitted under any circumstances. Proudly broadcast your acceptance of all things extant through your T-shirts, bumper stickers, song choices, and political candidates. We can all get along while I make a small profit.

Japan, 〒164-0012 Tōkyō-to, Nakano-ku, Honchō, 4 Chome−3−10 Tolerance

Tolerance is

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