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Top 10 Auction Sites that are eBay

Updated on May 8, 2012

Yes, you can bid

Our favorite online auction site offers a veritable plethora of items on which to bid. It's easy and fun. Here are the top 10 auctions that are eBay. Fire up your credit card and begin bidding. if you don't win, the fun is free. When you do win, the fun is only beginning.

10. eBay Antiques

Every day something gets older and it's probably on sale at our favorite auction site, eBay. Look for great deals on silverware, metalware, glassware, woodenware, and maps and globes. One person's dusty hoard of unidentifiable cast-offs is another person's PayPal line item. Everyone wins, especially UPS.

It's Paleolithic. And Neolithic.

Back in the olden days this stuff was already old. Indiana Jones thinks this stuff is ancient.

Our favorite auction site, eBay, previews Paleolithic products prolifically. Everything is hand-crafted because there were no power drills or electrical outlets to plug them into. Ancient man didn't enjoy the luxury of motoring down to the Home Depot for expert help when he needed a new arrowhead. Modern man auctions the painstaking work of ancient man. And women.

9. eBay Books

Without books, trees would be blocking our view of the neighbor's bougainvillea. Millions of books circulate courtesy of eBay auctions. Simply browse over to the site and type in the name of your favorite author. You're certain to find something to enjoy. It's like a library, but without the bedbugs and tax levies.

Don't feel obligated to keep books purchased via eBay. Read them and gift them. Re-auction them. Contribute to global warming by mulching particularly poorly written tomes.

Many books are completely free. Electronic books, or eBooks, download into your electronic reader, or eReader, for perusal at your convenience. The public domain is riddled with famous titles costing nothing to read. Expect your money's worth almost every time.

8. eBay, Baby

We all love a good baby. Outfit your favorite infant with auctioned-off items from eBay. Voraciously bid on baby gear outgrown by previous babies. The selection changes constantly. Every day an adorable tiny human gets too big for his/her britches: you can benefit.

Tiny baby overalls never go out of style. We all adore the look of a toddler in denim. Even the most doting parents who plan to enroll their kids in Ivy League day care facilities cannot resist the urge to load up on tiny farmer uniforms. These outfits eventually end on eBay because they simply do not wear out. The most active crawlers cannot work through the knees of a good quality pair of overalls.

7. Business and Industrial

Anything that breaks can be repaired through strategic application of tools purchased on eBay. The optimal tool is just a few clicks away.

Outfit your business or industry at greatly reduced prices. Shop online 24 hours a day, even on legal holidays when the union workers are grilling out in the back yard. You'll find what you need to keep your operation in top working order.

6. Cameras

Sure, your phone has a camera and your computer has a camera. Your watch probably has a camera that you don't even know about. Regardless of your ancillary photographic accoutrements, you need a really good camera purchased at a tremendous discount through an eBay online auction. The variety is endless. Every day new cameras, lenses, tripods, and SD cards go on sale. You will miss most of these great deals unless you monitor the site constantly.

Look for a camera 'body' and a set of lenses to go with it. A real photographic device comes in two pieces. If it also makes telephone calls, it's not enough of a camera.

5. Daily Deals

Every day, deals pop up like mushrooms under the porch of a place that used to grow mushrooms. You, as a savvy consumer, can save big dollars on everything you need to equip your life. If you think you don't need it, you're wrong. Bid on something anyway: by the time it arrives you'll realize that you can't live without it.

4. Sporting Goods

Many people play sports. Sports require proper equipment. Without sporting goods, the game ends all too quickly. Top-flight gear makes your sporting efforts much more rewarding. Look online for great deals on golf clubs and baseball bats. If hitting balls doesn't excite you, shop for fishing reels and shotguns.

3. Coin Auctions

Look in your pocket right now. There are coins, right? Experts suggest that at least one of those coins will be bought or sold on eBay within the next 6 months. Almost everyone wants your coins and everyone else wants to sell you their coins. A coin auction is wonderful because no one has any clue what the things are actually worth. Stuff gets bid up because it's shiny.

If you don't like your newly purchased coins, re-list them on our favorite auction site, eBay. Coins never wear out. No one can tell if you locked it in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar or slept with it under your pillow.

2. Craft Auctions

Cut through the tedium that your life has become by bidding on craft items. Put together a decoupage rendering of your favorite 10 presidents. Build a scale model of the Brooklyn Bridge with glue sticks and balsa wood. Browse the never-ending cornucopia of artsy items available on our favorite online auction site.

Every day another person gives up on a long-forgotten craft project and lists the flotsam on eBay. You can benefit from their failure. Used craft junque is much cheaper than the same stuff in a retail store. Construction paper and beads have a very long shelf life.

1. Auto Auctions

Buying a vehicle sight-unseen never goes wrong. Conscientious eBay sellers always list their unwanted cars and trucks in a completely transparent manner. Bid with confidence on low-mileage well-maintained high-performance jitneys almost guaranteed to run pretty much virtually forever.

BMW makes some fine examples of automotive prowess that you will be proud to bid on. Even if you don't win, you can proudly proclaim at the next department meeting that you almost landed the Bimmer of your dreams. Keep dreaming.

0. There are many more

A veritable plethora of ongoing auctions persistently persist in cyberspace. Join in before it's too late. The perfect product to satisfy your lifelong desires can be found at our favorite online auction site, eBay.


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    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      One comment in 5 months, and I think that was from me. Sigh!

    • profile image

      libertarian 5 years ago

      eBay is the ultimate in capitalism, except for PayPal.