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Top 10 Great Ways To Make Money Online

Updated on August 1, 2014


There are many ways to make money online. However, some are more reliable than others. Some take much longer than others. It can be very confusing when you go through the plethora of ways that you can make money online. You might ask yourself “Which method should I choose to make money online? Where do I start?” After years of research and a bit of trial and error I have come to realize which methods I believe to be the best, and if done right when taken together, can help you earn a living online eventually. Let us look at the methods and some of the experts or gurus in most of the fields at this present time.

Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the continued reliability of any of the names, usernames or websites given in this hub. This is totally beyond my control. Please read the Terms of Service and do your due diligence before joining any site.

The Earning Money Mnemonic

First let us look at this acrostic to help you itemize each method to unveil a system:

A – Affiliate Marketing

U – Uploading files, Upfront Payment for articles and gigs

T – The Fortune 500 Companies

O – Online Stores

M – Microstock

A – App/ Software Creation

T – Twitter

E – Ebook Creation

D – Domain/Website Flipping

Please note that “AUTOMATED” is merely a mnemonic or memory aid to help you remember the whole system or game plan. The methods given below require hard work and while many can be automated to some extent after a firm, solid foundation is laid, it is still in fact just a memory aid.

Affiliate Marketing

This is without a doubt one of the best ways to make money online. There are three main ways that you can do this.

  • You can sign up with Clickbank and promote someone else’s product and when the product is sold through your efforts you can get up to 75% of the selling price! There are many, many other sites that operate similar to this. Just go to Google and paste in this search term without the quotation marks “” It will pull up sites like, and
  • Another way that you can use Clickbank is as a seller. You create your own product and thereby establish yourself as an expert in that field and when others buy through you you get more profits than if you were an affiliate. Additionally, if you have great products affiliates will want to promote your products for you and you, in exchange for that great help, split the profits with them if they are successful in selling YOUR product FOR YOU! Now you might say that you do not have a product to sell. Well, that is not a great problem. There is something called “public domain” that I will talk about more when we reach to Ebook creation. Suffice it to say now that everything written before 1923 in the United States and England and many other countries is no longer copyrighted and legally and morally you are free to use all that material – millions upon millions of material – as the basis of YOUR product on which YOUR name can go! There will be more on that later as I said.
  • A third way that you can use affiliate marketing to make money is by “Revenue Sharing”. You can sign up for a Google Adsense account and then use it on a revenue sharing site like HubPages, Squidoo or Infobarrel. When someone clicks your ad you get paid a few cents. The more article traffic that you have the more chances there are of someone clicking on your ads. This method is for those who are versed in the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online marketing or those who have loads of quality articles. If you have your own site then you will get 100% of the revenue rather than share it with a host site. However, you need a lot of traffic and great, unique material for this to be a viable option. The early stages on your own blog can be very lonely as opposed to the revenuer share model where you instantly have a community to read some of your work. There are many Google Adsense alternatives like Chitika but many (though not all) say that Google Adsense pays the best out of all the Revenue Sharing alternatives.

Affiliate Marketing Experts

If you want to try affiliate marketing you will want to read the articles and experiences of those who have long been in the field who can steer you clear of the common pitfalls. Below are listed the names or usernames of people who are experts in this field:

Avril Harper, Peng Joon, Allen Says, Kyle and Carson (, Shoemoney, Ryan Martin, Roger Languille, Pete Bruckshaw, Andy Brocklehurst, Ewen Chia, Jinger Jarrett, Jeff Buchanan.

Blogging Experts

Glen Allsopp –

Darren Rowse –

Brian Clark –

John Chow –

Pat Flynn –

Uploading Files

There are many sites where you can upload your non-copyrighted files and when someone completes an action e.g completes a survey, you get paid as a result. The amount depends on the country of the person completing the CPA (Cost Per Action) as well as the size of the file. There are guidelines that must be followed or your earnings will be forfeited. The main let-down with these sites is that if your file is not downloaded within a certain period your files will be deleted. This may be in a few months or a longer time like on where it is a period of 180 days. Check each to see the Terms of Service and the respective “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) sections which will vary.

Some Uploading Sites

Upfront Payment For Articles, Blog Posts etc.

Not everyone has the patience to write loads and loads of articles hoping that someone will click the ads on their site so that pennies will accumulate over the course of time. There are, however, some sites that pay you a specified sum to write articles. Some of these sites are hard to get into and they do not always hire all year round. Some have very specific niches to write for or are very academic or technical. However, the remuneration from many can be very fulfilling in the short term. There are those sites where, if you can couple a knowledge of Photoshop or web design with your writing, you should do very, very well. Bear in mind though that the remuneration on these sites vary from fair to very, very good, so do not grasp at the first opportunity you see without investigating a fair portion of them.

There are too many to elaborate on but some of the more popular upfront ones are:

As I said, these are some of the most popular ones but that is not to say that you cannot do even better on other lesser known writing sites that pay upfront.

Some of the other sites that pay upfront for articles are: (Formerly

Article Marketplaces

The following are some of the top sites where you can bid for various writing jobs, advertise your services or put your writing up for sale:

Advertise your services and charge $4 USD or more:

The Fortune 500 Companies

There are several programs that work together with Fortune 500 Companies where you get people to sign up for offers which they may cancel before the trial period expires. It costs you nothing to join and at no time do you or your referrals have to pay anything once you can cancel before the trial period ends. People claim to be making thousands of dollars online with these types of sites and since you start for free there appears to be nothing or very little to lose and everything to gain. Two seemingly very similar programs are:

Instant Payday Network by Jeff Buchanan

Online Profits For Newbies by Ryan Maynard.

You can also check out Motor Club of America on Youtube.

However, these programs are not for all countries.

Online Stores

Imagine there are websites that supply you with your own online store! Here are just a few possibilities.

  • Put a picture that you own (or a public domain one) on a cup, a shirt, an apron, or a host of other items and sell it through your own free store on Zazzle! To start you off on Zazzle there is a great guide at
  • Sell your crafts on

For a host of similar options paste into the Google Search bar the following search phrases without the quotation marks: “” or “” etc. You can further enhance yourv experience by writing for where there are modules in your article designed for Zazzle.


Do you know that you could be making money with all those photos that you are putting on Facebook and Twitter? You just have them on the wrong site. If you take good pictures you could upload them to microstock sites online where the same pictures can be sold over and over at no cost to you! Better than that, you can sell the same pictures to different microstock sites with no exclusivity being mandatory!

Microstock Expert

Yuri Arcurs

The Best Microstock Sites

The top ten sites to make money from microstock are:

More Microstock Sites

App or Software Creation

Wow! App or software creation is next! You might be saying “I do not know how to create an app or software. I never did coding in my life so this does not apply to me.” Well, thanks to the advances of technology, geniuses have found a way to make software that you can use to create your own software even if you never did programming in your life! This software that you create can then be sold on Ebay, etc. This a great, great niche to get into as any field you are in can benefit from an app or a software that solves a problem or adds to productivity.

Software Creation Experts

Andy Brocklehurst – I consider him to be the king in this field with his “Software Product Magic” that helps you to create other software. He even gives you a great many ideas concerning what you can create with this software. He has an affiliate program as well that deals with his software.

Jerome “Smiley” Johnson – He is an associate of Andy Brocklehurst.

Seth Turin – He is the creator of uBot Studio which helps you to create bots. He is perhaps the best and most well-known in that field.

Tom Belknapp – He created Tiger Software Builder.

Alan Reece – He is from the UK and is known as “alchemy” on WarriorForum and sells internet marketing software that you can re-sell. He also has free software to help you in the internet marketing niche and that is apart from showing you how to create your own tools.


You can get paid to tweet for advertisers etc. First it is advisable that you build up your amount of Twitter followers so that you can tweet to thousands instead of a handful of people. can help in that respect. See the following sites for paid to tweet opportunities:

For more ways to increase your number of Twitter followers see Increasing Your Number Of Twitter Followers.

Ebook Creation

One of the popular ways to make money online is to create your own ebook and sell it on Ebay, Amazon, Nook, Clickbank, Warriorforum or one of the many print on demand (POD) online stores. Once you build up a large repertoire of ebooks with quality information you can potentially earn some serious money. Once you saturate your niche with a high caliber of products you can become known as one of the experts in that field and become the “go-to person” in that field ensuring you continued success selling online.

This seems great enough but where do I get ideas or material to create an ebook? Well, it is time to start reading about “Public Domain.” Copyright law states that in many countries like the United States and England, everything published before 1923 is free for you to use in whatever way you wish. That includes Shakespeare’s works and a slew of material by some of the most famous writers the world has ever known. There are other conditions concerning other years but the specifications with those can be tricky (even for the experts at times). However, they will usually explain in detail what the rules for the years are for years after 1923.

You can also use PLR (Private Label Rights) material which is something totally different but that is often of poorer quality than Public Domain material and you cannot be totally sure if the PLR that you got free or bought is really free to use.

Public Domain Experts

Bear in mind that at least two of the “Public Domain” experts on this list claim to have made a few hundred thousand US dollars in one year using only “Public Domain” material.

  • Tony Laidig – I consider him to be the best in this field at present. There are gurus in this list that think the same thing.
  • Steven Chabotte He is known as schabotte on WarriorForum. He wrote the ebook “Public Domain Income Plan” some years ago. Unfortunately, it was a limited time offer and I never got my hands on it. However, by all accounts it was one of the best ebooks ever on “Public Domain” giving you his step-by-step plan to profiting from the “Public Domain” in a big way.
  • Lisa Rae Preston – Her free “Public Domain Sourcebook” will give you a lot of public domain material for various niches.
  • Kneb Knebaih This is the name that he used on WarriorForum. He wrote an awesome ebook on “Public Domain” with hundreds of links to public domain material as well as a great number of ways to use the material. He gave what he found to be the most successful niches as well as the most popular quality authors within each niche.
  • Note: While Lisa Rae Preston gives you material by niche, Knebaih gives you authors by niche. So the two works complement each other.
  • Gary Rodrigue – He is known as cage73 on WarriorForum.
  • Niffybranco - This is his username on WarriorForum.
  • Stephen Fishman – He wrote what is probably the best book on the legal side of “Public Domain.”
  • Avril Harper – She has many, many methods of making money online on eBay, not only in this field. She is from England.
  • Stuart Turnbull – Coming from the United Kingdom Turnbull is one of the more recognizable names in this niche.
  • Jim Cockrum – Cockrum is a popular name in this field.
  • Scott Parat – If you want to know who to follow in this niche, Parat will often tell you, apart from teaching you himself. He gives others their due.
  • Debra Conrad – She is one of the queens in this niche.
  • Logan Andrew – He is highly recommended by Avril Harper. He was an associate of Debra Conrad above on their “Public Domain Treasure Hunter” site before calling it a day through other commitments.
  • Yanik Silver – You will not read about “Public Domain” for long without seeing a line about Yanik Silver.
  • David Vallieres – Vallieres is one of the pioneers in this niche. The above comment applies here too.

Some of the other Public Domain Experts are:

Russell Brunson, Mark Bravura, Neil Stafford, Beth Sawickie, Karen Whimsy, James Jones, Will Edwards, Daniel Hall, Deborah F Henry, Steven Poke (from the UK), Jack Duncan, Craig Richards, John Thornhill and Jim Edwards.

Domain or Website Flipping

This last method is called “domain flipping.” You create a domain name for about $10 USD and you sell it on a domain provider site like GoDaddy, Flippa or a domain auction site. If you chose a domain that is highly desirable to buyers you can sell it for more than ten times what you paid for it! You can also develop a website on that domain and that greatly increases the value of the domain. If you can show that the website is getting good reader traffic over time then the perceived worth of your website goes up a lot. The idea is similar to buying real estate and re-selling for a profit. Although the method can be a bit complicated once you master the method there is no limit to how much you can eventually be making. To get you started see Part One of one of the best videos on domain flipping below.


So there are many, many great ways to make online. Some will make you much more money than others. My top four favorite ways out of the ten I presented with respect to making a lot of money are affiliate marketing, app or software creation, ebook creation using public domain material and domain/website flipping. The easiest ways to get started however are affiliate marketing using Google Adsense (which is called “Revenue Sharing”) and uploading photos to microstock sites.

For another hub that all HubPages writers should read see:

Great Way To Get Free Pictures For Your Hubs By HubPages Categories


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