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Top 10 Online Jobs For Generating Passive Income

Updated on July 7, 2017

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you are just starting out, affiliate marketing is a easy way to start making money. Affiliate marketing is basically you advertising for company to make customers to buy their products, and you will get a percentage of the profit from the company as a commission. To start, you just need to sign up, which cost nothing and some form of traffic to start affiliate marketing, this can be Social Media, Blog Post, or even your own website. I recommend you to start with Social Media and an Article or a Blog Post because if you start your own website, you will hardly be find on Google because the top pages will already being compete by professional and large affiliate marketer. Beside, affiliate marketing on site like Youtube or HubPages can get you income from two sources. You can with draw money through Paypal or Direct Fund Transfer to your bank account.

Tips: If you starting out, I recommend Amazon Associate Program because it is the most common Affiliate Marketing program and it's the easiest to do.

2. Online Writing

Writing a Article or Blog Post online and posting advertisement on them can help you earn money. For example, HubPages is great for beginner writer because the requirement for a article aren't to hard. You can earn money after posting 10 article, the requirement is 10 article because you can't make a Google AdSense account until you have 10 article on HubPages. Your earning is depend on the number of view on your article, how many advertisement had been showed to be more specific. You can withdraw your money through Paypal after you have a minimum earning of $1.00 on HubPages.

3. Upwork, OneSpace and Fiverr

If you want to work on a specific job for another people then you should join Upwork or OneSpace. In Upwork or OneSpace, you can submit your profile online to let employers and clients know about your working abilities, skills, hourly pay you willing to work for and availability. You can wait to get invited to work or you can find work and write a proposal to do it. The client then will interview you to get some information from you and if they agree for you to work then you will have to follow for them with condition agreed upon the employment. You can get money by a hourly pay or you can get your pay after submitting the project. In Fiverr, you can make a price for the service you are providing your client before with and you will upload a service and your client will choose from them instead of client giving you work from OneSpace and Upwork. You can withdraw money through Paypal, Direct to Local Bank or Payoneer.

4. Instagram

Instead of earning money through advertisement, you earn money through sponsorship on Instagram. After getting 100,000 followers on Instagram, you going to get a sponsorship from other Instagram profile, you can expect around $6 - $600 per sponsorship, the more followers you have the more money you will be able to earn from a sponsorship. The owner of the profile that offers the sponsorship will pays you after you post.

5. Youtube

Youtube had provide millions of people with jobs and not really bad earning. On Youtube, you can do what you love and earn money of it as long as the content is appropriate. You get money from advertisement that pop up on your video while the video is playing. Meaning the more views you got , the more money you get and the number of likes, comments and subscriber doesn't affect your ability to make money too much. Once you get to 100 subscriber, you will be able to monetize your video and find making money and growing your Youtube channel become much easier because you unlock more feature like longer video and custom URLs. You can also earn money through sponsorship from companies and channels that want them to be mention in your video. Deliver high quality content to your viewers frequently and you will sure to make money of Youtube

6. Taking Survey Online

Some companies are willing to pay you money just so you can finish a survey from them. There's no right answer in the survey, you can just enter anything an still get money of it. You get pay differently for different survey. Paying method can varies because the money you get come from the company surveying you and different surveys come from different companies. I would recommend no having this as a main income because the money you get from each survey aren't that high and you need to be working to earn the money and some survey don't even allow you to do them twice or more.

7. Listening to Music ( MusicXRay )

Listening to Music from site like MusicXRay and leaving constructive criticism can earn you money. This is a good way to earn more side income as you working for you main or other side income because you could just leave the music playing in the background as you working. To earn money from MusicXRay, you must have a paypal account linked to your MusicXRay account ( making a MusicXRay account require a Facebook account ). You can withdraw money through paypal after your balance is above $1.00.

8. Online Tutoring ( Udemy )

If you think you have any good skills or knowledge in a specific department. You can pass your skill of by teaching other people online on Udemy. By recording you demonstrate your skills and knowledge on your device and explaining how to get those skill and knowledge you can post them on Udemy and let other people obtain the videos after paying you the price that you set after posting the course. You can upload multiple courses and let them sit their and wait for people to buy your courses. However, not all of the money on the price tag will get to you because sites like Udemy will charge you a percentage of the price of the course. The higher the quality of the course, the more people you will buy your course and the higher price you can make it, meaning more profit.

9. Customer Support Service

If you have a clear voice, a good headset and a good internet connection then you are up to this job. If you have a clear understanding of a virtual or physical product and you want to earn some money then sign up for the customer support service of the manufacturer of that product. You maybe will be ask by confuse customer online and you have to explain to them what they're not understanding and being confuse about. You will be pay to a hourly rate or the number of customer you supported. Different companies will pay you differently for your work.

10. Selling Photos and Videos

If you have a good photography skill and a camera such as a phone or a DSLR, you can take photo of landscape or objects and record videos and edit them then post them on sites like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, etc. The more beautiful the scenery higher the quality of the video or the photograph the higher chance the video or the photograph going to be sold and for higher prices too. If you travel a lot, or live in a place with a good view, you will easily earn money by this way.

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Thank you for reading this article, please leave a comment below if you know any more ways to generate passive income online, and which way did you find the most effective to generate passive income, please answer the poll above. If you want to support me, please follow or read some more of my articles.


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      Nguyen Nhat Quang 9 months ago

      You're welcome, hope you can be successful by selling your photos

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 9 months ago from United States

      I have always wanted to sell my scenic photos - thanks for the suggestions!