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Ten Quick Ways To Get Money Fast in an Emergency

Updated on February 20, 2015

I Need Money Now

Why is it when you have very little or no money that emergencies occur which need money to fix? The car breaks down, injury or illness meaning trips to hospital, or it could be that you just don't have enough money to make ends meet until your next wage comes in.

For a lot of people in today's financial climate savings are the impossible dream, every cent that they get in is spoken for and soon leaves the comfort of their pocket. Utility bills are ever rising, groceries are getting more expensive every day, fuel costs are soaring and the children need more and more money every week for school.

Every penny we have is spoken for and no matter how much cost effective savings we try to make something always bites back and leaves us out of pocket again.

With no savings in the bank to fall back on how can we get our hands on money quickly in an emergency situation?

Below you will find 10 ways where you can get your hands on the money you need when you need it.

Get Money Now

Sell your gold, the price of gold is at its highest level in a very long time, now is the time to sell.
Sell your gold, the price of gold is at its highest level in a very long time, now is the time to sell. | Source

Ways To Get Money In Minutes

Why is it that when times are difficult and we are at our lowest point financially that something happens to put us deeper into the red?

Emergency situations happen in every family at some point in time but what do you do when you don't have the money to get you through them?

You have to get money fast or that emergency situation could turn out to be a financial disaster for you.

10. Ask family or friends for money, If it is possible talk to your family or friends and explain the situation, and be completely honest about your situation. if your family or friends can help you they will but remember to pay them back as quickly as possible helping you out may leave them short of cash for the rest of the month.

9. Short term loans, with a short term lend you can have cash in your bank account within the hour, this is really a last resort though because there are so many hidden charges that you could end up paying back over double what you borrowed.

8. Sell your old or broken gold jewelry you can take your old jewelry to many high street outlets who will give you money after they have assessed the value. Always go to a reputable dealer for the best and latest prices.

7. If you don't want to sell your jewelry you could always pawn it, pawn shops are the only stores these days that seem to be making any profits. When you pawn your jewelry or other valuables you will have a set time to buy them back at an increased price or you can roll them over for a small fee.

6. Sell your old cell phones, Old cell phones are recycled for the metal content, you can sell them in some recycle centres for instant cash, remember to remove your Sim card.

How To Make A Quick Buck

Sell your old records or CD's, you never know you may have a few valuable collectors pieces in amongst them.
Sell your old records or CD's, you never know you may have a few valuable collectors pieces in amongst them. | Source

Quick Ways To Get Money.

5. Sell your old vinyl records or CD's, there are many stores on and offline that will offer you good money for your old music.

4. Ask your bank for an emergency overdraft, explain the situation honestly to them and estimate how much of an overdraft you will need. they will either approve or decline your request. remember there will be a charge for this service.

3. Sell your car and use public transport, it will save you money in the long run too.

2. Cash in an insurance policy, this may take a few days but the money will come soon, remember though to take out a new insurance policy at the same time to cover other potential emergency situations.

1. Make do with what you have and try to make the best of the situation, you won't always be able to get money just when you need it but human beings are resourceful creatures and always find a way through difficult times.

"Never A Borrower Or Lender Be" Polonius

Family and friends are your best option at the end of the day, they will try to help you out as best they can and will not expect you to pay it back until you can afford to. They may say no to you at first but they will also not stand back and watch you struggle either.

If you have to make do with what you have try not to panic, keep a clear head and think about things that will help you through your difficult situation, we have all been through difficult times and seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Nine times out of ten things will work out good for you in the end.


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    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 2 years ago from Florida

      These are good ideas. I have sold old books and records on eBay to make extra money, but that takes a little time. I would hate to ask family members, but I would if I were desperate.

      Voted UP, and shared.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 3 years ago from Germany

      I did not know that there are people who would buy old cellphones without simcards. I have already tried sending my golden bracelet to the pawn shop in the Philippines because of emergency situation. These are great suggestions. Thanks for the heads up.

    • profile image

      Jacobb9205 3 years ago

      Great ways to get emergency money, very useful, thank you!

    • profile image

      Holland 3 years ago

      That's a quiki-wctted answer to a difficult question

    • profile image

      Jeanne 3 years ago

      Great hammer of Thor, that is poulrfwely helpful!

    • profile image

      Sleek Martins 4 years ago

      These Are always my Formulas and they work for me 97 percent. It is true!...

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 4 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Very interesting article James. I am very empathetic with causes for a need for these type of resources. Frankly I will be doing an inventory in the next months. Sadly, I was not as smart.

      Between living with friends and studio size life I stored my vinyls in storage. I live in Southern California. Heat, stored on end instead of flat, and in crates all those collections of artists with covers sleeved became frisbees. I cried. I won't begin to share of those Beetle collectibles.

      Highly recommended read offering opportunity for those seeking with a need. James does a fine presentation in an orderly and well written fashion. If there is a need a must read for sure.


    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This could come in useful one day, although I hope I don't need to refer back to it.

    • joym7 profile image

      Joy 4 years ago from United States

      Great list. Thanks for sharing.

    • las81071 profile image

      las81071 4 years ago

      Sadly I use the pawn shop all to often and it seems like a hard cycle to break they are quick and easy to deal with and always work with me because I always go back but really it's a very high interest loan. Thanks for all your info.