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10 Reasons You Might Want to Retire in the Philippines

Updated on May 22, 2014

Retirement can be a rewarding experience if you are prepared for it and can maintain a lifestyle that you are used to. The Philippines is considered as one of the top retirement destinations in Asia for a number of good reasons. For many, the lure of spending the retirement is a tropical island is more than enough reason to set their eyes on the Philippines for their longterm retirement plans.

Retirement is the time when one can finely enjoy the fruits of labor after decades of working. Finding the perfect place to spend those meaningful retirement years is very important. The Philippines is fast becoming a sought after retirement hub for westerners and Asians. The favorable weather and government benefits and privileges extended to retirees makes the Philippines a contender in terms of providing a conducive retirement haven.

The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) is the government arm mainly responsible for processing and taking care of foreign retirees who opt to spend retirement in the Philippines. The

1. Lower Cost of Living

The Philippines is attractive to foreign retirees due to the lower cost of living as compared to their home countries. With a $1000 per month pension one can have a fairly convenient life. Besides, there are still a lot of investment opportunities if you choose to live in the countryside.

2. Tropical Weather

The country's perfect tropical weather is a relief for aging population who want to avoid the aches and ills associated with extreme cold temperature. The Philippines climate is suited to to the retiree population due to its warm weather on half of the year and rainy season. The major part of the year is basically a great climate suited for any kind of activities. The aging retirees wont have to worry about achy joints as much. The rainy and cooler months and very short and does not last that long. The climate gets colder during the Christmas season but still, the sun is up during most part of the day. Besides, when it gets a little bit too hot for comfort an airconditioner is a ready option or going up to higher areas like Baguio City or Tagaytay, and even Bukidnon province in the south.

3. Respect for the Elders

Philippine culture is steeped with tradition where elders are revered highly and considered as the head of the family upon whom the younger generation look up to for guidance. The elderly often bridge between generations past and present and thus serve as mentor and guide to the younger kins. Filipinos families are closely-knit and putting the aging members of the family in a home for the aged is quite uncommon, unlike in the western regions.

4. Infrastructure

Technological infrastructure is being developed to ensure connectivity even in the provinces. Fast and reliable communication is provided by private telecoms making it easy to still connect with relatives anywhere in the world.

5. Countless Business Opportunity

Retirees are also provided with incentives when they chose to invest in the country. Retiring people who want to try their hand in business find the Philippines ripe with business opportunities. Finding the right business is not a problem with cheap labor costs widely available. Some of the earlier retirees find new life and business specifically in the service, resorts and travel industry.


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