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Top 10 UK banks

Updated on September 24, 2010

The UK bank ranking below is based on bank assets on the balance sheet on 31 Dec 2009, the World's 50 saftest banks 2009, Best year-on-year profit differential 2009, Pre-tax profit 2009, Customer satisfaction figures during Jan-Jun 2010, Customer Experience Rankings on their banking websites, and

My personal banking experience (I am a very 'unloyal' customer. I like to switch. What makes me switch is not only interest rates, but also other reasons such as accessability of online banking, customer service on telephone banking, and speed of transaction)

  1. HSBC Bank plc (including First Direct, etc.)
  2. Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBS, including The One Account, etc.)
  3. Barclays PLC , London
  4. Bank of Scotland plc , Edinburgh
  5. Lloyds Banking Group plc (including Halifax, etc.)
  6. National Westminster Bank Plc (NatWest)
  7. Nationwide Building Society
  8. Credit Suisse International , London
  9. The Co-operative Bank (including Smile, etc.)
  10. Standard Chartered

To be honest, I never heard Credit Sussie before I write this hub. Now I know it, and I know that I may not have anything to do with it for the rest of my life since it's not likely that I will become a high net worth individual who owns more than US$ 1 million in financial assets.


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