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Top 3 Money Resources: You Need To Have No Matter What.

Updated on December 9, 2014
Start building your savings any way you know how
Start building your savings any way you know how | Source

Resource: #1 We'll Begin With Savings

  • Why should we begin with savings first? Why? because its the most important money reserves you typically turn to when you have to pay bills or any household items. I believe that everyone should have a savings plan in placed. Savings should be one of your main resources you should look into having because it's like your backbone which helps you stand up. Many people think its impossible to save but its something anybody can really do. It just takes a full commitment, that's basically it.
  • State of mind is the key component to establishing your savings. It's plain and simple, you either want to be a have or have nots. I prefer the (haves) now the haves are the people who generally make a decision to put their money into plus accounts like a saving account, money markets or cds to store their money each month. The have nots is a person who is not willing to save for tomorrow they spend all their earnings today hoping that tomorrow will never come. Like the old saying goes in one hand and out the other.
  • All you need is great understanding of the importances of putting your money away every time you get paid no matter what. Whether it be in small portions or in large sums have the attitude that you will commit to building your saving all the time not sometimes.
  • Visit or reevaluate your money from time to time to make sure its adding up in all the right places.
  • Investigate where you should park your money we have so much resources out here so finding one is very easy. You must do the necessary work because your money does matter to whom too you. This money resource should help you sleep better at night but if not than you parked your resources in the wrong place.
  • Never give up if you get hit with little bumps or big humps you will get over them by staying on track and staying fully commitment to your money plan.
  • Go and save as much money you can and don't doubt your ability to stash as much of your cash as fast as you can before it hits the wrong hands.
  • Smart money decision will definitely help you save, invest, and protect you and your love ones.

Money Resources: That Can or Will Prevent You From Self-Destruction

Savings Acct
Roth IRA
Traditional Roth IRA
Money Market Acct
401K or 403B
US. Treasury
HSA: Health Savings Acct
ETF Indexes

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Resource: #2 I Think Investing Is The Smartest Tool Invented By Man

We all need to invest and reinvest in ourselves, no matter what it takes because that will be the core foundation for our future income. Take the necessary steps into the right direction not the wrong one. Get involved sooner than later. Inevitable every money resource you have, has to be defined and analyzed with a fine comb. I, myself, love to examined what investment vehicles work for me and my family. Don't be lazy when it comes to this part of your finances.

  • Investing is an examination of your assets the idea is to get a hold of any investment vehicles that will bring you the most compound interested or value for your buck. Make sure you operate and dissect each piece of investments with authority. This examination takes time and forth effort so be willing to spend as much time and effort as you need.
  • Necessary tool that would give you the extra leverage its one of the most discussed money resource by far. Beware of all the investments out there and make sure you do your due diligences with every thing you put your money into. Investing can or will help you fight off inflation if you pick the right one.
  • Very confusing most of them are but overall you have to remember that you're in control of making the right decisions by finding out work investments will work for you or not. You have the upper hand which is a great thing to have. Be a wise investor not a average one.
  • Experience or inexperience both of them can destroy your income. What's the difference between the two investors you say? One has experience and the other has inexperience, so let me tell you a short tale of the the two. A wise investor could make bad decisions but has the capability to defeat the situation with the proper knowledge that he or she has obtained throughout their lifetime. Now the unwise investor who doesn't have any clue will make the same mistakes but doesn't have the ability to distinguish the situation. Why because he or she hasn't obtain the right knowledge to fight off the continuously bad mistakes. That's the difference between the two. Read and be knowledgeable when you invest your hard earned money.
  • Savvy investors tend to their investments with complete understanding and knowledge. Almost every savvy investors get to the root of their problems by finding a solution to the problems. Be a savvy investor that knows how to solve their problems.
  • Timing is everything so know when to get in and when to get out. If you put the time and effort into where your money or cash is going and than you won't be disappointed.
  • Invaluable commitment is the key to any successful investor.
  • Nothing could stop you from getting the best interest or value for your cash. If you seek than your shall find, point blank.
  • Growth is the only sure thing that will assistant you, so please take pride in looking for it.

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Get ahold of your finances
Get ahold of your finances | Source

A Worthy Note To Follow:

Just A Word Of Advice: If you take good care of your money in the end it will eventually take good care of you without any doubts. And if you have children let them know the importances of these #3 money resources that they should have working on their side.

Resource: #3 Can Protect Your Income & Assets

  • You want to make sure you have the proper insurance to defeat or conquer any situation you come across cause believe me it will come. I'm a witness in this category because unfortunately, it happen to me and my family when our health insurance was in jeopardy and we had to find an outlet to pay for these unexpected bills. It wasn't fun at all and very stressful but it was a lesson learned. If you want to read more about my story go ahead, I have it on other hub page.
  • It's an indescribable feeling when you don't have any type of insurance to back you up. Whether it be health, life, or disability this money resource is something that's a most have. Accidents are bound to happen and we must all be prepared to face them with the proper insurance.
  • Search for the right kind of insurances that you and your family might need. Be compelled to do your research on what type of coverages will work for you, especially, in your time of need.
  • Understanding the terms and conditions of each policies you buy. Asked all the common questions and uncommon questions to help you decide, if it's something you really need.
  • Remove those unwanted insurances from your life, if they are not working in your favor.
  • An assessment you must make to see if you have the right protection for your health, income, life, and disability. If you have a car than that too. Beware of all your options and possibilities that any insurance company has to offer.
  • Never leave home without it, that's my new motto.
  • Cash-value this is a major component which you have to make sure that the insurance can or will bring to you. Remember insurance whole purpose is to protect you and your assets so you have to see the money value it has. Because numbers never lie.
  • Enough protection sometimes isn't enough so guard yourself at all times. By using your savings, investments, and insurance to help cover every avenue in your life. Using one of these money resources will be your shield to disencumber and help satisfied your needs.

Money Matters: So make sure you plan accordingly!

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    • Venus Rivera profile imageAUTHOR

      Daisy Rivera 

      4 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thank you, Lauren for stopping by and reading my hub. Yeah, sometimes we need just a little reminder.

    • Lauren Graham profile image

      Lauren Graham 

      4 years ago from Crazy-- it's a state of mind

      this hub is very useful-- it is also very true that we must have the correct state of mind to not be looking to spend money and be satisfied with the things we have. this is a very good reminder, thank you.


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