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Top 5 Online Freelancing Jobs

Updated on January 6, 2015

Freelancing has moved from word of mouth, to newspaper ads, to Craigslist to online hosting sites like, and more. If you want to stay up to date on freelancing opportunities, signing up on these websites would be a good start.

According to data released by, the top five most popular online jobs from the year of 2014, and presumably continuing into 2015, are as follows:

Web Development

Many companies, businesses and online entities of all kinds lack an appropriate website outside of a Facebook address. Facebook is a good platform for engaging a company’s (mostly younger) audience, but it lacks the sort of professionalism that a legitimate website could offer. For this reason, clients outsource to freelancers who are capable of constructing and maintaining a valid and professional website. This saves the client’s money by cutting out the middleman of a web development firm, and also aloows for direct, and many times, instant communication with their freelancer.

Graphic Design

For the more artistic types, the field of graphic design offers a valid freelancing opportunity for such people to utilize their aesthetic talents. A graphic design job would allow you to help companies out and also make some cash. Graphic design opportunities include the client-designated designing of logos, brochures, business cards, web graphics, and more.

Content Writing

Can you turn a phrase? Are you good at communicating and following directions? If you can also construct enjoyable and educational/entertaining written content, then this might be an opportunity for you. Most people never even stop to think about how much content is really out there on the Internet. Websites, blogs, online ads and testimonials all fall under this job description. All a content writer needs to be is a person who can actually write, hit deadlines and keep lines of communication open.

Online Marketing

This is a very lucrative freelancing option. Every business needs a way to test their products’ appeal, engage their audience and make sure that they are getting a maximum return on their investments. That is where an online marketer comes in. He or she might be required to create content, share content or come up with fresh ideas on how to engage an audience.

Video Creation

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you have a knack for animation or voiceover, companies are in dire need of educational or informative videos. Also, a decent video camera and some cinematic talent will open up a world of promotional and informative video making opportunities for you. Not to mention, companies are ready to drop a pretty penny for a well-made and up-to-standard video.

These various jobs are lucrative and popular, providing freelancers with ample opportunities to use their talents to provide companies with sought-after services.


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