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Top 5 Ways to Earn Money Using Apps

Updated on July 8, 2014

Making Money Has Never Been Easier!

We all own a smartphone or an IPhone so why not take advantage of these devices and make some money in doing so. It is simpler than you would think as there are a lot of marketing companies these days which have decided to use the internet as a source of getting to customers in a cost effective and efficient way. That is why whenever someone finds themselves looking for a second income, the internet will bring up endless information and reasons why you should check out survey websites (to make money). People on the internet rave about how you can literally make thousands of pounds on survey websites and to clear this up straight away for those already doubting this, no one! simply no one can make thousands of pounds on survey websites unless you spend years using the website. Although survey websites can make you a solid £30 a month as long as you do at least one survey a day (using a legitimate survey site), although that is a discussion for another day.

Today we are looking at the 'top 5 ways to earn money using apps' (legitimately) using your smartphone or IPhone. I can personally vouch for each and everyone of the techniques I am going to talk about in this list as I have done my research and some of these ways I have even used myself (having made money in doing so).

Without wasting anymore of your time, I introduce to you the 'top 5 ways to earn money using apps'...

Look Familiar (Apps) - All in One Easy to Access Place (Smartphone or IPhone)
Look Familiar (Apps) - All in One Easy to Access Place (Smartphone or IPhone) | Source

#1- Sell Items (Clothing, Electronics, Watches, Collectibles, etc.)

Selling items has always been a sure way to make money on the internet as this method has been used for some time since the internet began booming with its audience growing every day. E-Retailing is something we all use, some more than others as a way to purchase our goods as it is much simpler, easier and quicker to buy goods online as we could do it from the comforts of home. So why not get involved on the other end of the stick, selling goods rather than purchase them which doesn't require you to start up a business with a website, suppliers and building business to customer relationships. Of course it doesn't! All you need to get started is a few unwanted items which you are looking to get rid of as you have no use for them anymore, an account with Ebay, Gumtree, Amazon or etc. and you are ready to sell.

Some may be wondering why I listed this specific way of making money under the 'top 5 ways to earn money using apps', well the answer is simple as there are some really good apps available offered for use by Ebay, Gumtree, Amazon etc. which make selling easier. My personal favourite is Ebay's app as it is used by millions of customers and sellers which means that the audience is already there. All you (the seller) needs to do is take some pictures on your mobile phone (of the goods to be sold) and upload them straight to the Ebay app (on your account).

No matter what anyone tells you, when it comes to simplicity and reliability, the best way to make money using apps (or the internet) is to sell unwanted items (worth something).

However it is possible to go one step further, selling brand new items which have a niche using Ebay, Amazon etc. As this could make you some serious money but you shouldn't quit your job just yet as this could take a while to happen so if this is an option you are interested in looking into then follow the next few steps;

Step 1- Start off using a popular (already well established) E-Retailing website which offers users the ability to sell goods (I recommend Ebay). Then pick a customer friendly user name which will appear as the sellers name and then you are ready to list your items.

Step 2- Now fill out your sellers information - Remember to offer customers the option to get a refund if items are lost in the post (ensuring they have proof first), 1st class and 2nd class deliver both available (at cost) and fill out item description well.

Step 3- Find your niche - For some this is easier as they may already have an idea of what they are going to sell (if this is you, skip this step). For others a niche must be found which is essentially finding a gap in the market with a product which there is a need for which isn't already being offered by other companies/sellers on the internet.


  • Hand make the items/goods yourself as this way it is more personal (also allows you to charge slightly more).
  • Look at the fashion industry - always changing (of putting for some) which may be an area for you as you can seek to sell the next big thing. Inspiring motto - Rather than following the trend, set the trend (a little cliché but I like it). Ideas - sell custom t-shirts, jumpers, bags, other items etc.
  • Jewellery (hand made).
  • Sell a tricky product to get a hold of. This is perfect if you have connections with someone who can get a hold of the goods at a good price. Remember - do not spend too much getting the goods as you will still need to sell them at a price to which will make a profit.

Step 4- Find a supplier - to get the items or materials which you require to start listing the items on Ebay (or wherever you are located). Finding supplier who are reliable and easy to get in contact with is vitally important for the success of the small business you are starting up as you will need to have a good relationship with them. Having good negotiating skills will help as this will allow you to get the best price from suppliers.


  • Find a wholesaler (best price, sells the materials or products you require).
  • Stay in contact with your supplier/'s to keep a good relationship which will help gain a better price (when negotiating deals).
  • If the business is successful - As the business grows, the supplier will need to sell you more stock which may indeed result in a lower price from the supplier (as a deal) which is beneficial for the business is gaining larger profits.

Step 5- Sell, Sell, Sell - Now that the business has the stock, it is time to start listing the items and making money so trial run the products that the business aims to sell first. If the products sell fast then list more and remember to keep up with the demand, always planning for the unexpected (as this will almost certainly happen).

Money - Let the Search Stop Here!
Money - Let the Search Stop Here! | Source

Have You Created an App or Ever Considered Creating an App?

See results

#2- Create An App

Creating your own app is not necessarily the hard part but creating an app that will make money is as no one is going to purchase a terrible app. Then those who do purchase the terrible app will leave bad feedback which will cause the app to make approximately zero pounds and zero pence.

I have put 'creating an app' as the second best way to make money as of course the number 1 way to make money using apps is to create an app but I haven't put it as number 1 on this list as it isn't necessarily an easy mission to accomplish. It takes a certain level of understanding of technology (more so when it comes to software design), then of course you need an idea for an app and a demographic who would likely purchase the app. It is my advise that if you are looking at this as a serious way of making money, that you consult with someone who has already created an app for advise.

What I can tell you however is that if you are looking to go down this route as a serious way of making money, that you create a light version of the app first (free to buy) as this simply offers a way for the customer to trial run the app first. Plus money can be made from light app purchases (which are free to buy) as ads can be uploaded to the app which allows the app owner to make a percentage of money (however small per click) when someone uses the app. At least that is how most app creators are making their money these days as a lot of people look for apps to purchase for free, which fulfils their desires and makes the app creator some money as well.

Even though at this point you have released a light version of the app, also release the full version of the app as this will allow you to charge money for the full app (making you even more money). App creators can make a lot of money (going into the millions) if they gain worldwide recognition and have enough traffic (people using the app) which makes the prospects for app creating quite exciting.

Do you want to create the next Angry Birds, Doodle Jump or Flappy Bird, then get a platform and start looking into creating your own app. Not that it has to be a game per say as the app could be for photo sharing, blogging, chatting, social networking etc.

Lets Take a Break... This is the Typical Amount You Could Earn From the First Two Earning Opportunities Listed so Far!

Ways to Earn Money Using Apps (Smartphone and IPhone)
Time Required
Earning Potential
#1- Sell Items
Depends on Dedication to the Task - 30 mins - 1 Hour (Selling Unwanted Items) 2 Hours - 4 Hours (Selling Brand New Goods)
Selling Unwanted Items- Around £50 - £1000 (Depends on the Items Sold) Brand New items- Around £500 - £5000 (Per Month, Depends on Amount Sold and Profit Per Item Sold)
#2- Create an App
2 Hours - 3 Hours (Per Day) If Successful- 4 Hours - 8 Hours (Per Day)
£50 - £1000 (Per Day) If Successful- £1000 - £100,0000 (Per Month)

A Second Income! Beware of Scams!

It is always difficult to make a second income, especially on the internet as there are a lot of scams on the web which is why it is important to always read about a website or app to ensure that it is legitimate before using it to make money. I realise the vast amount of people who are looking to make a second income using the internet and even apps like I have been talking about in this hub. Here are just a few tips for avoiding scams on the internet (and even apps);

  • If it looks too good to be true, then it most likely is.
  • Are they asking for your card details (debit or credit card) then it is likely to be a scam, depending on the circumstances. Never pay money to anyone on the internet if it is a scheme whereby a website is claiming to help you make money or app for that matter.
  • Before using a website or app to make money check on the internet for feedback from people who have already used them before. Also check more than one piece of feedback as sometimes peoples experiences will vary.

Remember these tips as they will aid you in avoiding scams on the internet and through apps on smartphones and IPhones.

Also all of the '5 ways to earn money using apps' are legitimate, tested by myself to ensure they offer what they say they will offer and to add to your delight, all 5 ways are boasted about on the internet for their ability to make people money (including myself).

#3- Feature Points (Free App Which Pays Money)

Feature Points is a legitimate app which allows the user to purchase the app for free on the app store. Once the app is downloaded onto the smartphone or IPhone, simply head onto the app which should on the home screen present you with a list of free to download app (most of which you will recognise) and by downloading them, you in turn gather points. The points which you gain will appear in the top right corner of the home screen on the Feature Points app, allowing you to know exactly how much points overall that you have. After collecting a set amount of points, downloading the free apps, then using them for a minimum of 60 seconds you can redeem your rewards (plenty on offer). The rewards along with the points required includes;

Rewards = Points Required

- Choose your own app (select from the app store) = 200 Points

- £1 Amazon gift card (UK only) = 1050 Points

- $5 PayPal USD funds (purchasable worldwide) = 3000 Points

- £5 Starbucks = 5250 Points

- £5 PlayStation network (UK only) = 5250 Points

- Xbox £10 gift card (UK only) = 10500 Points

- £10 iTunes UK gift card (UK only) = 10800 Points

- £5 Amazon gift card (UK only) = 5250 Points

- $10 PayPal USD funds (worldwide) = 6000 Points

- $50 PayPal USD funds (worldwide) = 30000 Points

- $100 PayPal USD funds (worldwide) = 60000 Points

- $200 PayPal USD funds (worldwide) = 120000 Points

- $500 PayPal USD funds (worldwide) = 300000 Points

- $1000 PayPal USD funds (worldwide) = 600000 Points

Plus plenty more rewards which can be unlocked (yours for the taking) if you are able to earn enough points.

The average amount of points earned on the app is 100 per free app download (as listed on the 'Featured Points' home screen) but can increase to around 300-400 points per app download. The points for the app download are yours once the free app has been downloaded onto your device and used for 60 seconds or more (requires you to stay active on the app for the duration). However after using the app for the 60 seconds, receiving the points you do not by any means have to keep the free apps you have downloaded and can after receiving the points, delete those apps if you do not want them.

To earn an extra 50 points and offer a little support for myself if you enter in the following referral code (H2SPXS) when first signing into Feature Points I will receive 50% of your points (however not actually taking any of your points- in case you were wondering). Then of course for the kind gesture, Feature Points will give you 50 points to kick start you off in earning points which allows you to unlock rewards (as listed above, earlier in the article).

Having used the app myself, I can tell you that it is legitimate and actually does offer the rewards which are listed on their app. Having read about Feature Points, I hope that you go check the app out for yourself and start getting rewarded today.

Feature Points Website Link -

Online Surveys - Now Surveys Can be Done Using Apps!
Online Surveys - Now Surveys Can be Done Using Apps! | Source

#4- Online Survey's (Using Apps)

Most people have probably heard about making money with online surveys through websites which allow you to complete surveys and earn money for doing them. Well something you may not know is that there are apps which have been created by online survey companies which are specifically used to offer surveys for users to complete and earn money for completing them. These surveys are usually different to the ones offered on the websites which allows you more means to make money through the same online survey company which is always good to make that little bit more money each month.

Get Paid For Your Opinions!

When using the online survey apps, it works similarly to the online survey websites as it will offer surveys for you to complete as long as you qualify to do them. The potential earnings through the online survey apps is about £15 a month extra to what you could potentially earn through using the online survey website (£30 a month), which isn't bad for a survey site.

It is only a repetitive process if you try to do all of the surveys offered to you in a single day and when it becomes a repetitive process, it is more likely that you will give up using the app for a long period of a time. This is why it is best when using the online survey apps, to complete 1 or 2 surveys (qualified for) in a single day which should take about 30 mins - 1 hour to achieve.

Tips to using online surveys (website and app);

  • Be honest- survey sites remember the information which you fill in which is why it is important to always stay honest with the answers which you give.
  • Use Survey Site Daily- this will allow you to maximise your earnings from the site.
  • Use Website and App (if there is one)- to again, maximise your earnings.

I recommend using My Survey (link- as I myself have been using the company to make money for some time now (over a year) and have always reached the payout threshold in 15 days (£15). That has allowed myself to pocket an extra £30 a month using My Survey which is really good considering that it doesn't take long each day to complete the surveys.

My Survey Facts;

  • Payout threshold- £15 (PayPal)
  • Points required for £15 (PayPal) payout- 1700 Points
  • Average points earned per survey- 100 Points
  • The most points I have ever earned completing a single survey- 400 Points
  • Ways to complete surveys with 'My Survey'- Website and App
  • How to earn more points per survey- Allow webcam access on certain surveys (I do it- all surveys completed using webcam access are private, used for marketing purposes, completely safe and secure, used to check facial expressions, scrapped once purpose is fulfilled).

Completing surveys is still a great way to make a second income securely however it can take a while to make money. Plus the amount which is earned is unlikely to increase unless you use multiple survey sites, all legitimate and use them for an equal amount of time each day. However this is not a way to make a main income as it will not make you enough money to pay the bills so by all means give it a try, making yourself a little extra cash each month.

Make Some Money Using Your Favourite Item in the World (Smartphone or IPhone)
Make Some Money Using Your Favourite Item in the World (Smartphone or IPhone) | Source

#5- iPoll (Free App Which Pays Money)

iPoll is an app which can be downloaded from the app store for free which pays its users for their opinions about the products they have bought and the places they have visited. This is done by completing missions which are sent to users based on the basic information which is given after signing in with the app. This basic information determines the types of missions which well best suit the individual using the app to allow the user to do fun missions and receive rewards for doing them.

How the app works:

#1- Firstly fill out the basic information about yourself which is required in order to send missions which will suit the individual user.

#2- Missions will be sent to the user alerting you when there are new ones available.

#3- After completing the missions iPoll will put credits into your account. These credits can be redeemed for rewards offered by iPoll.

Anyone can use iPoll and start making money today having fun in doing so, which makes the app all the more worthwhile using. A lot of ways to make a second income online are repetitive and slow which causes a lot of people to give up in the early stages of making the money. However iPoll is fun which takes away the repetitive side to using the app, only leaving a fairly slow process which isn't really the case with iPoll as the site offers missions fairly quickly once the current missions have been completed.

It is also worth remembering that after completing the missions on offer to you to complete more will be sent quicker as a reward for being on the ball. This makes it even more important, that in order to maximise earnings from the app, you must be willing to commit to using the app as regular as you possible can.

Thank you for reading, I hope this article has helped in offering some new and fun ways to making some extra money (or more a little extra money) which work for you. If you have any thoughts concerning the points expressed about in the article, then please leave them in the comments box below.


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