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Top Accounting Software For Small Business

Updated on April 3, 2011

With this top software for accounting, managing a small business hasn't gotten easier. I will list the benefits you can get from using this software and then you will understand why this is the top accounting software for managing small businesses. The software I am talking about here is quickbooks pro for 2011.

The Benefits...Ease of Use

This software is easy to setup and easy to learn. You don't need to start cracking your brain, thinking about how to use it. It comes with tips that will teach you how to setup and navigate through the software. I have never seen or used an accounting software that is as easy to use as this one.

3-in-1 Data Management

Do you want to manage your employee, vendor and customer data all in one place? This top software for accounting has a part called 'customer centre' that allows you to do this. You will be able to edit a company name, phone number, customers' billing address and many other things. Now this is what every small business owner would want.

Good Organization

Organization of finances is taken to a higher level with this accounting software. On the homepage you will see tasks organized by banking, groups e.t.c. You will also be shown how each task relates to another with arrows on the screen that indicate workflow.

Instant Reports

You will get instant access to tax, sales and financial reports and even download credit card and bank transactions securely into this software.

Importing and Exporting

This accounting software supports importing and exporting of data and contact information from excel and address books.

Print Cheques, Pay Bills

Printing of cheques, paying of bills and accessing present and past payments can all be done by small business owners with the use of this software.


This software is not limited to a single user. Multiple users can use this top accounting software at the same time. Now tell me if that is not what every small business owner wants- a software for all.

Industry-Specific Reports

Get industry-specific reports and snapshots of your customers' purchase history, balance and days to pay. Also, you can easily identify overdue invoices and email collection notices from your email account.

Payrolls and Credit Cards

You can manage payrolls and payroll taxes and send invoices from your email account directly through this software. You don't need to open your browser before you can send an email.
You can accept credit card and debit card payments from this top accounting software. No long term contracts, hidden and cancellation fees.

Organizing your business finances and managing your small business has become so easy with this software. The benefits listed above are the top benefits you will enjoy if your purchase this accounting software but they are not the only benefits. You will discover more benefits while using it.

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