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Top AdSense Alternative 2013

Updated on April 8, 2013

AdSense Alternatives 2013

There is a beautiful life beyond AdSense for bloggers and if you wish to learn about that you're at the right place! It's not always AdSense, AdSense, AdSense... There is a top Adsense alternative 2013 list and many of them are better than AdSense for specific blogs! But, yes, they do require some more page views to get approved and they do pay well!

If the destination is nice and the path is full of thorns, always walk on that rather going

Through a path which is beautiful but the destination is unknown to you!

I'm a Blogger and I'm strong

AdSense Expectations from a Poem Summary Blog

I have a poem summary blog named Beaming Notes that keeps on earning me pennies. Wherever I put the ad codes, the click through rate doesn't goes above 1 per cent and the cost per click is brutal!

Yet, I though of investing on this blog because people come and see this blog! I'm grateful to those who have contacted me and said, "the poem summaries did help them"

Not every blog will earn you money from AdSense! In my poem summary blog, I don't think I'll ever get direct advertisement! But still you need to run a blog because you've people coming, appreciating and recognizing you work! This gives you online presence!

This is the blogging spirit! Every blogger at some point of time is grateful to AdSense because it has gives them the initial support! A blog develops from the earnings accrued through AdSense (most of the time) and then moves to affiliates, sponsored reviews and etc. AdSense becomes one of the myriad sources of revenue generation for the blog!

But some poems bring visits, I've this screenshot of my Squidoo lens on "Elegy written in a country churchyard"

One of my Lens Stats: Upto Feb 21, 2013

Internet Marketers Don't Prefer AdSense

Due to its very nature AdSense is suitable for job sites, article directories, gadget sites, sites related to automobiles, parenting etc. However, don't expect AdSense to bless every site their program approves!

AdSense is nothing More than a Contextual Network, and a contextual network has it's limitations in a niche website! People who write about blogging tips and internet marketing rarely use Adsense, even if they do, it just accounts for 10 per cent of their earnings! The main source is affiliate sales! Now, don't get scared it's easy!

Top AdSense Alternative 2013: CPM Network Review is a contextual advertising network similar to AdSense. The only difference is they pay per view (CPM Model) and have some great rates! is leading the CPM industry and at instances better than AdSense! yes, they offer a CPM of $2, the maximum in the industry! You can have a detailed review of here. They are able to provide a high CPM only because they allow quality publishers in their network!

Top AdSense Alternative 2013: Federated Media

Federated Media allows an access to premium publishers with business, living and technology niche! They have a good number of premium publishers which you can browse before applying for a publisher account! With Federated Media, you can earn high returns and it is one of the reasons why many publishers prefer FM.

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is one of the top CPM Networks paying $1 CPM for overall traffic with high fill rates. Though it's meant only for premium publishers who have more than 5,00,000 page views a month and the blogs content whirl on issues related to technology! If you're accepted at tribal fusion, yes, much of your worries will go, but all you need to do is sustain! You must sustain and the results will come!

Give your 100 per cent in all that you do and this will make you happy and at peace! Anything that comes beyond that, consider it as extra, and you'll never have to worry about anything in life!

Best AdSense Alternative 2013: Casale Media

Casale Media pays between $0.30 to $0.60 based on the niche and the ad units you choose! Traffic requirement for Casale Media is relatively less but you need to having a good blog with quality content to get approved for Casale Media!

Technorati CPM Network for Technology Blogs

Technorati is specifically for Technology blogs! They do provide a CPM which tends to $0.50 but highly depends on the niche of the blog! There are many poeple who are earning decent income form Technorati Media.

Selling Your Service

This is large! You must have learned a lot of stuff about blog or simply about the niche in which you're blogging. This makes you more intuitive, experienced and capable from the normal audience! Hone your skills and garner a bit of more experience, resulting which you can start your own business!

It is very much possible that our of the 1000 people visiting your blog each day, someone is ready in need of your expertise! He might think of contacting you, but he doubts, whether you'll at all read the mail of anything as such! Make your visitors realize that you offer service and then just wait them to contact you!

I'm sure you'll have enough people contacting you, and it only gets spread out! As always it is, the start matters the most!

Sponsored Reviews

Though it can take a while for advertisers to approach you for sponsored review, there are some networks which tie publisher blogs to advertisers!

Well, these sponsored reviews may not earn you much, but it's sufficient to give you an initial go and track your monthly returns! Once you gain the momentum and traffic starts pouring in, your page rank increases and you can get high paying sponsored reviews!

Anil provides a detailed and insightful analysis on all possible adsense alternatives..

Delving into Market Research

If you've a narrow niche like personal skin care, green living or anything related to the needs of the future market in your country, you can always have a good opportunity to use your blog for market research. Contacting a brand and making them understand how your blog can be a great research tool for them!

Market research pays well and you may not need to think about anything else once you've a contract either with a brand or a market research company in your country!

There is so much to do with a blog, so you need to come out with the idea of giving up if you don't have an AdSense account or if your AdSense account is disabled!

The list of top adsense alternative 2013 or the best adsense alternative 2013 will continue and more sources will evolve! My say is, never give up blogging even one of your major sources of revenue is hampered! Because, in adversity, we realize our full strength and it will just take you a few months to reach the first apex of blogging success. So, a No to giving up!


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