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Top Affiliates For Your Site

Updated on August 14, 2009

Affiliates For Your Site

The Best Affiliates For Your Site

What I'm going to do here is give you the Affiliates I use with a brief description. What I won't be doing is grading them since I use these or do use these from time to time. As I said before, it's going to take a lot of tweaking on your part to find the ones that work best for you. Don't be afraid to change things up from time to time as some may start out great and then slow down or start slowly and end up doing great.

I would suggest starting out with between 3 and 5 to go along with Google Adsense and add more as you go along. Also use common sense when putting ads on your site and stay away from the Adults Only Affiliates unless your site is for Adults Only.

Pepperjam Network...The Pepperjam Affiliate Network represents some of the biggest and hippest brands on the market today. The network is a pioneer in the way that it started out as an affiliate, and now is one of the biggest and most trusted affiliate agencies in the United States. Join this greatly experienced affiliate program and start earning money from your site. There's also a $10 Sign-On Bonus. Pepperjam is limited to the U.S. only. is a good affiliate network with a broad variety of clients. Everything from clothes to credit cards is up for promotion. With such a large selection of brands to choose between you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for your website or blog. Do like all the rest and increase your earnings via your site. Linkshare is one of the few Affiliates that have ads for all the major credit cards(American Express, Visa, Mastercard). The only downside to that is it's very hard to get accepted by those companies unless you're receiving an enormous amount of traffic. I've been with them for a long time and if I was to give them a grade on a scale of 1-10 they'd get a 9. Affiliate network is plain and simple a small network with not more than around 100 affiliate programs. Now, most of you are probably already on your way out the door, looking for the bigger networks managing affiliate programs of the rich and famous. But for the affiliate looking to make an honest living and put some simple ads on his/her less extraordinary website affiliate network might just be the best choice. If you do not own the most visited website and are looking for good, solid and reliable affiliate programs, stick around! AffiliateBot is not a huge site but they have a lot of unique of ads that may work well for you.

Commission Junction...Commission Junction is one of the biggest online channels in affiliate marketing. Offering promotion of famous brands like Apple Store, Ebay and Dell this is an affiliate paradise. Established in 1998 Commission Junction has been in the game quite some time. And they are expanding constantly, launching a Commission Junction University online. Another one I'd give a 9. I've been with them for what seems like forever. For non U.S. residents they have brands for five different national markets including Sweden, Germany, France, United kingdom and of course the U.S. enables affiliates to promote over 300 Affiliate programs varying from Automotive to Credit Cards to travel and Automated content feeds that can be seamlessly integrated into your website with no upkeep requirements. This is a really great Affiliate no question about it. 300+ Affiliate Programs to choose from. Self updating content. Innovative Custom templates and Excellent customer support.

ThinkHost...ThinkHost is a social responsible web hosting company with web servers running on wind and solar energy. The ThinkHost web hosting affiliate program is well worth a closer look, with high conversion rates and some of the highest commissions in the web hosting segment. pays $100 for each lead!The ThinkHost web hosting affiliate program pays a flat rate for each sign up you generate. This is good news when the commission is as high as $100 per sale. As if this wasn't enough they also offer $15-$65 in 2 tier commission. Running on eco-friendly electricity makes ThinkHost stick out and the conversion rates are higher than average. Sending your visitors in need of web hosting here won’t be hard.

FriendFinder...You probably already know that online dating is a huge industry and FriendFinder is one of the top players in this segment. FriendFinder has a big clientele and since they’ve been doing this since 1996 they have had the time to become experts at what they’re doing. With this much experience you know that you can trust this affiliate program. Millions of people are already registered at their various dating sites and this means that it won’t be much of an effort for you to find new referrals. Have a look at what they have to offer.

LunarPages...If you decide to join the Lunarpages Affiliate Program you have some great chances to make the big bucks with your site. They offer their client’s top-notch web hosting solutions and since it’s a quality company you won’t have to be afraid of promoting something that will scare away your visitors. Quite the opposite – they already have over 150 000 satisfied clients.

There are hundred and hundreds of Affiliates with more categories than you can count so do some research and look for a couple that specialize in what your site is about. Start signing up to these Affiliates and pasting the ads to your site's HTML Editor. I'll have more on Affiliates in my next article as well as information on video advertising for your site.


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