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Top Five Work at Home Jobs

Updated on August 23, 2017
smcopywrite profile image

It is wonderful to investigate, gain knowledge and know how before making major decisions in life. Knowledge is power.

The office work space is not as typical as the baby boomer generation saw. There are literally tons of opportunities for anyone interested in working outside of the office environment and making a living from home. Individuals make this happen in all sorts of ways. However, the most popular and easiest appears to be via the web.

When the economy is bad or a large change makes working in the same line of work difficult, countless folks look toward this option. It looks rather simple, but the real deal is something else entirely. Reviewing info to make an informed decision is a great way to move forward if this is a personal interest.

Folks thriving most appear to those with a specific set of skills. It does not take a rocket scientist, but there are some things critical to success. Things such as discipline, self-motivation, independence and job skills matching well with the opportunity at hand are indispensable.

A few things to consider before starting out on the voyage.

Two kinds of work are found for stay at home freelancing for any sort of online employer. These are normally deadline oriented or on a paid hourly rate. Countless make a choice to go with the type of environment typical at home.It is certainly a more seamless transition for everyone in the house.

When determining if this the logical choice, evaluate who is at home while working, the number of hours available for duties, how much money is being offered and certainly the long term outlook. Of course there are other factors to account for as well. The abundance of variations is mostly based on individual circumstances.

Although there are some bad apples out there, the good ones still remain. With this in mind review a few before determining if it is a good place to invest time and effort to make a living. These are the five best work from home jobs in the marketplace today;

There is more to setting up a work place environment at home than a cup of coffee and a computer.
There is more to setting up a work place environment at home than a cup of coffee and a computer.

Tech support

Tech support is one of the biggest ones out there today. The average person with the skills to make this work performed the job in the office setting before taking it elsewhere.

Call centers have been hiring tech support specialists in large numbers to work remotely. This has been named by several specialists in the field in the top three home employment opportunities.

One of the largest reasons to say no to this one is the hours. A company working on a different time zones or open around the clock is an indication hired tech personnel work a variety of hours.

This is certainly a job proposed to increase substantially over the next couple of years. The outlook is a jump of almost 20% between now and the year 2020. With this in mind, there is an essential skill set for the job. Most have certification or a college education on the resume. It is expected to produce at least 110,000 new positions (in the office and at home) between 2010 and 2020.

Call Center

Buying merchandise online is a norm rather than exception today. Making a call to order it or discuss it after receiving an item brings to mind a person sitting an office on the phone. This is not what usually takes place. In fact, a call center rep is sitting at home talking to a customer in nearly all cases.

One of the biggest reasons this particular at home investment is recognizing an increase is the customer wants to see it happen. Complaints companies received around off shore outsourced workers made businesses take notice and do something about it. These enterprises are running to hire in country workers.

A few companies hire permanent staff to work with customers. The majority have the practice of hiring freelancers or subcontractors to take the calls. Although previous experience is positive, there are still those businesses willing to hire untrained staff. A great personality serves well in this position.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the pay. The average earnings are in the form of minutes rather than hours. Per hour is actually per minute in this instance. For a busy company this is not necessarily a bad thing. Busy phones signifies more earnings overall. Home with the Kids dot com has a listing of companies searching for someone to man their phones.

Travel Agent

A lot of people imagined this one was going out of business with the invention of a number of sites making this type of person irrelevant. There are sites around the web where a person arranges their own method of travel and the extras along with it. Things such as an individual setting up a rental car, getting plane tickets and arranging hotel stays are all possible without an agent. Although, there are still those with the desire to see someone else take care of things.

Travel agencies from home have really grown over the last decade. With roughly 40,000 people invested in the business, there is still room for more in the future. There is not a significant decrease to people traveling in the near future. In fact, it has increased each year according to a number of resources.

An enormous resource necessary for booming business is a great personality. The ability to work well with a variety of different personalities also signifies a winner.

One of the largest drawbacks discussed among folks in this arena is scams for getting started. A number of unscrupulous companies charge for material on starting a travel agency and in return an agent is burned. They are out of money, time and walk away with nothing.


The prosperous ones devote large uninterrupted blocks of time. This suggests small children are sometimes a disruption to up and coming companies. Make certain to take this info into account when choosing a particular job to capitalize in.

The best kinds of propositions for parents are deadline oriented ones. They offer a sort of flexibility around children’s schedules. For the most part what needs to be done daily is sometimes unpredictable and the flexibility works well for both parents and offspring. Time is spent with the kids and money earned at the same time.

Web Developer

Most imagine this is one of the biggest ones on the market for working out of the home. This is not necessarily true. The very specific skill set crucial to make this one work out well, is one of the largest reasons. The average person simply doesn’t have what is considered necessary for a lucrative freelance or online web developer.

Work is prosperous for those with a resume possessing things such as; custom web design, modification of templates, hosting and usability reviews as well as updating code. The education or experience needed is the most difficult hurdle to conquer for this one.

A per hour rate is the norm. There are some folks willing to work per project. The pay is excellent and the outlook is positive.

A number of sites are searching for web developers. Looking toward companies like O Desk, someone in the field is making a remarkable income if desired. There are literally hundreds of thousands of opportunities. Look at Rat Race Rebellion dot com for the most popular jobs, companies and pay.


This is possibly one of the most difficult listed, but it has the most satisfied workers. The print or publishing industry has seen better days. This does not mean the art of translating thoughts to words has died. It simply is advancing in another form, the web.

The skill set is the ability to edit, publish and write. These are characteristically not tools connected with a degree, but having one certainly does not hurt. Experience is not a must, but it does help.

This is possibly the most booming industry among those listed, but it has the most competition. The competition is coming from around the world and when bidding to work on a per piece job, the return is possibly pennies on the page. Not to despair, it is possible for an effective individual to make a great living at it.

Writers who love the written work jump in to the arena and find the beginning rather difficult. Bloggers see the most productive source of income, but a wonderful writer is just as effective in countless cases.

The reward comes in the form of feast or famine in lots of cases. Publishing work around the web and earning not only per article, but also passive income. This means there is the immediate gain for producing some material, while others earn multiple times over a period of time. Those electing to publish on websites like Hubpages see profit sharing with advertisers for the typical revenue coming in.

Writers searching for a per job source of revenue would do well to check out Home with the Kids dot com. The average writer/blogger sees a piece published and earning between $4 and $20. A number will work freelance for others. There are generally multiple articles and the return is per piece produced instead of an hourly wage. Hoards of sites advertise for freelance writers needed.

Individuals choose to earn a living in this setting for a number of reasons. Countless cases include disabled persons, parents with a desire for more time with their kids, retirees and most recently another group of individuals. The Armed Forces created a vacuum being filled by those with a desire to earn but are constricted by their spouse’s occupation.

Military spouses have increased substantially over the last decade. When a husband or wife has a job requiring the family to move to a new city, state or even country every couple of years, it’s nice to have employment which works well with this plan of action.

In closing

Scams are out there for each and every resource listed here. Always be on the lookout. Losing time, money and for some dignity is never a benefit. Research a business and listen to the gut feelings lots of folks own.

Working from home does have a lot of positive attributes, but there are a number of drawbacks too. Take the time to investigate both before making major decisions. This is certainly a wonderful way to earn a living and for most doing something they really enjoy. Though, the office jobs do have a number of positive things which some people simply cannot live without.

Working from home with children is a challenge.

The prosperous ones devote large uninterrupted blocks of time. This suggests small children are sometimes a disruption to up and coming companies. Make certain to take this info into account when choosing a particular job to capitalize in.

The best kinds of propositions for parents are deadline oriented ones. They offer a sort of flexibility around a kids schedule. For the most part what needs to be done daily is sometimes unpredictable and the flexibility works well for both parents and offspring. Time is spent with the kids and money earned at the same time.

The home based business boom started in 2007.

The number of phony offers compared with genuine ones has increased since the big boom of 2007. In fact, at that time there were 30 phonies for every 5000 ads reviewed. Now looking at the same amount of ads reveals there are double the amount of ones determined as not authentic. Every 5000 has at least 60 looking to make a buck and not deliver anything.

Some are even illegal or against the law. Be careful about participating in anything appearing to be questionable. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any one with an insincere feeling. Go with the gut. It is better to be safe and be wrong than make a decision with the power to ruin an individual’s life.

These are some of the various ads online for working from home. This is an agent advertising American Express is looking for employees.

© 2015 smcopywrite


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    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 2 months ago from East Coast

      Great article. I love working at home, it's a great lifestyle.

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Hazelton 2 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I teach but this is my last year of doing so. It would be nice to pick up a few dollars from working at home. Great info.

    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 2 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      Thanks for sharing. I do work at home myself and am loving it but it does not hurt to look around. Great writing and info.


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