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Top Freelance Writing Websites

Updated on April 14, 2011


Freelance writing brings opportunities for people with computers to make money online. There are hundreds of companies online that allow everyday Internet surfers to invest their time and get a financial return for their published content. The best thing about these services is most of them are free of charge. Here is a list of twenty freelance writing websites that are completely free to join, and can make money online below. (The more writing you do, the more earnings you can enjoy.


1.Squidoo is a web 2.0 website that has partnerships with major affiliate programs to earn money from generated sales through your articles. Page impressions and clicks on advertisements through your articles is another way to make money online with Squidoo. Members of Squidoo have the choice between a number of different lense types like product reviews, movie lenses, and more. It also has a referral program, letting you make money online from others interested in freelance writing.

Squidoo provides a great place for members to the world with a large base of interested readers. These webpages can be highly successful with seo if proper procedures are followed. Internet marketers use Squidoo on a regular basis to promote other content such as websites, blogs, and other freelance writing content. Links placed in this freelance writing website are "do-follow links", raising the page rank of the content you're promoting.

2.Hubpages is a web 2.0 freelance writing website also. Plenty of resources for residual income reside here as well because members are very friendly and will assist you in any tribulation you face. Hubpages allows members to place ads from affiliate programs Google Adsense and Kontera, and lets members promote products and services from Amazon and eBay. A hubber's earnings depend on a number of factors such as clicks on ads, page impressions, and products sold from these online retailers.

It's not work, it's a healthy way to spend time. Hubpages hosts contests for freelance writers of this website. There are cash prizes for members who participate and majority of contests allow members to submit multiple hubs per day, everyday. If you know people who enjoy freelance writing, you can refer them to this website easily. Post your affiliate link within text on any website, including Hubpages itself.

3.Associated Content should be used by professional writers. They have strict guidelines that must be followed in order for them to accept your content. This website pays you a set price for each article completed. Your earnings from a specific article submitted may vary depending on things like punctuation and spelling errors.

It's not like many freelance writing websites that only allow you to do article jobs; Associated Content can be used to publish videos, audio clips, how-tos, and more. The flat payments you receive from these odd jobs could be of any amount of money. However, the more money you're being paid, the harder it will be to meet the guidelines to get the full amount of money being advertised. This open content platform is the perfect place for those looking for content and the freelance writers themselves.

4. Bukisa resembles Triond in many ways and it allows you to publish duplicate content from your Triond account and vice versa. Recently, this freelance writing website has added Google Adsense as a way for users to make money online. The traditional method of making money online with Bukisa is through page impressions. The earnings from page impressions from this website are relatively high for this type of freelance writing, compared to other websites such as Triond.

If you have talents in multiple forms of media, Bukisa is your new home. The main focus of this freelance writing website is publishing articles, but you can also make money online posting audio clips, slideshows, and how-to videos. You can also refer writers and earn money from their efforts with this website. The affiliate account lets you track your earnings and page impressions for your published content.

5. Helium, one of my personal favorite freelance writing websites, is a great website to make money online. The marketplace at Helium can earn you a lot of money from a single article submitted if your article is ranked #1. The topics you'll be writing about in the marketplace are predetermined by Helium, but if you want to write about any topic you may be interested in, this freelance writing website allows you to submit a topic and get approved to publish to it. Your articles on topics you desire will make money online through the page views generated. Marketplace articles also earn income from page impressions, whether or not it won a contest.

Visitors come to Helium to read the articles members publish. Some of these visitors happen to be people looking for content to use for whatever purpose they may have in mind. This freelance writing company allows people to buy articles to use on their websites. With every purchased article, the member who published it will receive $5.

6. Suite 101 lets members publish content and make money online. The guidelines with this website are strict and you must be approved before you can use their services. As you're registering for a free membership, you must submit two sample articles. These two articles play a part in the decision making of the Suite 101 team. Once you become a member, you can enjoy great earnings.


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    • wlrahilly profile image

      Wendy Rahilly 5 years ago from St Petersburg, FL

      These are some really good writing sites. I believe I'm with like 4 of them. They are good because you can earn long-term income from them once you get a good flow of articles going. There are also the upfront paying writing sites too that work well for "now" money.

    • Casey Strouse profile image

      Casey Strouse 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Odesk is my favorite place to work on freelance projects. I'm doing a rewrite project now for $2.50 per 150 word article which takes about 4-5 minutes. This isn't all that great of an income but it adds to the pile.

    • slimmingcircle profile image

      slimmingcircle 6 years ago from

      I have been thinking of trying some new sites. Thanks for this list.

    • jacqui2011 profile image

      jacqui2011 7 years ago from Norfolk, UK

      Very informative hub. Thank you. I'll perhaps look into some of these sites in the future.


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