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Best Mutual Funds To Invest In India For 2013 | Top Listed

Updated on December 25, 2012
Invest In Mutual Funds - Stay Ahead Of Inflation
Invest In Mutual Funds - Stay Ahead Of Inflation

Best Mutual Funds In India To Invest In 2013

Analysis of the Top Mutual Funds In India to Invest In 2013 that gives the best returns. First, lets have a short overview about mutual funds : If investing in best performing shares and stocks directly gives you 25-30% profit then investing in good mutual funds will give you a profit of 15-25% and investing in normal fixed deposits in banks give you a interest profit of up to 10% . This is the basic return levels of various investment options.

Invest in Mutual Fund - Save Time and Other Overheads

Simple general knowledge is not sufficient enough to make profitable investments in share market, you need specialized knowledge. You need to research on various corrections in stock market, monitor several companies and shortlist the best ones that you find, will be ,profitable. If you don’t have the time and patience to do this then investing in mutual funds is the best option for you.
Mutual Fund providers have several market specialists studying the different rise and fall in share prices, inflation and deflation in the global market. They invest your money in shares that have high probability of giving profit and less probability of loosing. Usually a diversified investment strategy is chosen by the mutual fund providers.

Top Diversified Mutual Funds To Invest In India 2013

Scheme Name
3 Year Return %
1 Year Return %
Relince Equity Oppor-Ret(G)
HDFC Equity (G)
ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Equity
UTI Dividend Yield (G)
HDFC Core & Satellite (G)
UTI Oppor(G)
HDFC Top 200
Canara Robeco Eq Diversified (G)
HDFC Capital Builder (G)
Fidelity India Growth (G)
Top Mutual Funds To Invest in India 2013 (Diversified Equity Funds)

Top Balanced Schemes Mutual Funds

Scheme Name
3 Year Return %
1 Year Return %
HDFC Prudence(G)
HDFC Children's Gift - Investment
HDFC Balanced(G)
Reliance Reg Savings-Balanced(G)
Birla SL '95(G)
Canara Robeco Balance(G)
Tata Balance(G)
DSPBR Balanced(G)
UTI Balanced(G)
Sundaram Balanced Fund(G)
Balanced schemes invest both in income-bearing instruments and in equity shares.

Top Debt Schemes (Gilt & Income ) Mutual Funds To Invest in 2013

Scheme Name
3 Year Return %
1 Year Return %
ICICI Pru Gilt-Invest-PF
Canara Robeco Income(G)
Birla SL G-Sec-LT(G)
JM G-Sec-Reg(G)
Sahara Income (G)
BNP Paribas Flexi Debt Fund(G)
Kotak Gilt-Invest-PF&Trust(G)
Templeton India G-Sec-LTP(G)
Birla SL Dynamic Bond-Ret(G)

Go Online - Save Charges While Investing In Mutual Funds ?

Mutual Fund providers manage the portfolio for a small fee. You might be able to reduce other commissions by finding good mutual funds to invest online in India and joining them. Further, paying money and monitoring will be online and it save your time and work to run around to the mutual fund office to make transactions and get statements.

So again which Mutual Funds are most advisable to invest in 2013?

Ok,You're a beginner. You couldn't figure out much from the table at the top.
I will mention 3 current mutual funds here, that are giving relevantly good returns in the market.

IDFC Premier Equity Growth Plan A Growth

This was launched in September 2005. Till now ( from the past 6 year ), the the fund have given a return of 22.84%. For the past 5 years the fund have given 27.39 % yearly return. Keep in mind that, for people who have invested directly in shares have got only 11.41 % yearly profit.

HDFC Top 200 Growth

The fund was launched in 1996 September. It has been giving 24.8 % yearly profit for the past 15 years. For the past 5 years the investors in this mutual fund got 19.43 % yearly profit.

HDFC Equity Fund Growth

The HDFC Equity Fund Growth mutual fund was started functioning in 1995 September. Along the 16 long years the investors have got 22.43 % returns. For the past 5 years the investors in this fund got a return of 19.37 %.

Investing in Mutual funds is a great way to get higher profit for smaller risk. However, your money in invested in specific companies only after careful analysis and interpolation of its growth potential. We as an individual, can never achieve such accuracy upto the finest detail better than the group of experts managing the mutual fund portfolio. This doesn't mean I am explicitly supporting any mutual fund company, it's just that the fundamental concept of mutual funds indicate a group of people managing a portfolio for a group of people eventually is eventually better than a single person managing his own portfolio and the charge paid for these group of people gets negligibly/relatively small when the number of investor participation increase.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sharing is Caring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sharing is Caring ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi Ajith, if you want to select a large cap fund, go for DSP Black Rock top-100 fund because it is a top rated and top performing fund over the last 5 years . If you still have questions, please let me know clearly what sort of diversification you want to achieve? so that we can discuss.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Dear sir , I am AJITH 29years….

      Have SIPS of Rs 2000 each in SBI gold fund, HDFC top 200, IDFC premier EQUITY & BIRLA SL dividend YIELD for 2 months(all growth OPTIONS).

      Will increase SIP in HDFC T200 to 4000 next year & increase all SIPS by 20% annually. Looking forward to join one more SIP Rs 2000 in a LARGE CAP fund (UTI DIVIDENT YIELD or uti opportunity or ICICI PRU FOCCUSSED BLUE CHIP or birla frontline equity )…. WHICH AMONG THE ABOVE 3 IS SUITABLE FOR ME…. is it well diversified… is it ok to have 2 dividend yield funds… SHOULD I MAKE ANY CHANGES…

      Please give your valuable suggestions on my portfolio… please guide.

    • sidds123450 profile image


      7 years ago

      How about adding ETF's in the list, I love Benchmark Gold ETF. A great list nonetheless, my fav is HDFC growth, considering other subjective factors like Fund Managers etc.

    • profile image

      sohan singh rawat 

      7 years ago

      I want one time investment for long period.


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