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Top Penny Stock For Investors

Updated on August 6, 2012

©Adrienne Manson

During last week as I was researching different penny stocks, I read my favorite financial writer from USA today Matt Krantz, and Molley's Fool. I came across a promising stock Skullcandy. My first gut reaction of course for some one who never heard of Skullcandy I said what kind of name is this for a company. My son was at my house doing some painting, and interesting enough he started asking me about stocks. He asked what does the numbers mean? We really had a meaning conversation we exchanged ideas, and opinions so I asked him what in the world is Skullcandy? He began to rattle off exactly what the company manufactured. HEADPHONES! Of course with a skulll icon on the head phone. I sat up and said head phones you're kidding the more he talked about what skullcandy makes the more I researched the potential of this particular stock. According to Kyle Farrah, one of Motley's Fool blog writer Skullcandy is a stock worth watching and investing in.

The stock sales for $14.47 per share as of August 1st, Kyle Farrah who is part of Motley fool's Blog Network wrote a post on July 24th This Hated Stock Could Skyrocket your Portfolio. According to Farrah skullcandy has over 1.7 million likes on Facebook. On May 15th the stock dropped to $12.15 per share on April 3 the stock was at $17.33 per share. Skullcandy is my recent fine for investing. If you are looking for a smart choice to invest I would invest now and hold the stock.

The earning potential for this company is good just looking at the customer base for this company is great. The demographics for Skullcandy are young adults, headphones are popular among teens, and young adults. The high priced headphones will be around for a long time. Do you know of any teens leaving out for school without their headphones? No, not many. Skullcandy manufactures headphones that are creative, stylist, and eye candy to young females because of the vibrant colors. The skull candy headphones and fashionable for the men because of the skull, giving it a masculine appeal.

What the founder of Skullcandy has developed is really engenious he reaches different populations as well as serving a variety of demongraphics. What does this mean in turns of money, and return of dividends to investors. Cash. No stock or company is fool proof but Skullcandy is certainly where I would put my money. Why?

1) The earth will never be void of people without heads.

2) The universe will always be filled with young people walking around with headphones on.

3) Where there's a trend, fashion ther you will find sales, where you find sales you find a return on your investment.

4) As long as people have two ears it is 100% certain they will stick something in them which has to do with technology whether headphones, of a cool bluetooth.

A company which started in 2003 by Rick Alden based in Park City, Utah is certaintly playing ball with the big leagues. In just 9 short years this company has proven itself to be a major leaguer.

To some 9 years seem like a long time but, when it comes to starting a company, and having a 5 year business plan, 9 years is not long. new companies are projected to fail within its first 3 years, and most new companies do not start to see a profit until they hit the 5th year of being in business. This puts Skullcandy way ahead on the leader board for companies who have well surpassed being successful within its first 5 years of business. Wouldn't you agree?


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Kyle, F. (2012).This Hated Stock Could Skyrocket your Portfolio The Motley Fool's Blog Network.


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  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 5 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi Carol, I love to read reviews as well from the experts, thanks so much for taking the time to give my review a read. I have also come across another tip which I will be writing on in the next few days.

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

    I love the reviews of penny stocks..We did get burned on a few, however they were really cheap and didn't make it. I will always read your suggestions and bookmark.