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Top things money cannot buy

Updated on November 10, 2011

Earn for yourself, not for competing with others. Give priority to your inner wealth, so that you can truly enjoy your materialistic wealth.

Money is an essential energy booster needed to see you through your life smoothly. It gives you a status symbol and you are placed in an elevation in the society. You are able to buy the best things available and your materialistic possessions give you a sense of elation. But is money the -be- all -in -life and is it enough if you have a big bank balance and many enviable things which only money can get you. No, nothing can be farther from truth.

Money can get you many things in life which will give you a superficial happiness that gets sated very fast. There are many things in life money cannot buy. Can money buy you happiness? Of course it cannot. Happiness is a state of mind which has nothing to do with money. If money is needed to feel happy, then only rich people will be the happiest lot. In fact, it is the rich who feel a vacuum within them as money alienates them from the others.

In India where many lead a hand to mouth life, I have seen so many close knit families and it is a treat to see their happy togetherness. There may be difference of opinion among them, but everything is forgotten when there is a family function. It is a time for rollicking fun for them. They gather together at least a week before the function and share all the work together. I sometimes wonder how their small house accommodates so many people. When the mind accommodates, then it is very easy to share a small place. Does money play a part in their happiness? Of course it does not .It is their ability to forget their differences that matters.

Is there a price for a good friendship? Money cannot buy you good friends. When there is money involved, there is no true friendship .Friendship is a selfless bond wherein you can share your feelings you are unable to share with even your parents. If money can buy friends, then only the rich people will have friends. So many people from the financially backward class share beautiful friendship.

Laughter from the depth of your heart is something that gives you intense happiness. My daughter has an incredible sense of humor and when she in her elements there are times when my stomach aches for laughing my heart out. You know how good it feels. We go for shopping together and I enjoy it very much .But if I have to vote for money or for fun time together with my daughter, my thumps up would be for fun time together. Money can buy you things but not laughter.

Good health, some might say can be bought with money. I beg to differ. Good treatment can be bought with money, but not good health as it is god’s gift. The rich complain of obesity, hypertension and stress. They can cater for the best treatment available, but they are poorer in comparison to the truly healthy.

Good mindset is another wealth which no money can get. When you start inclining towards materialistic riches too much, you become depleted in true relationship with your family. You give them the best things available, but fail to realize that it is in no way compensation to true love. Spending time with them will give a happiness which cannot be replaced by money.

You might ask if money is not important. It is very much important to make you lead a life where your self esteem will not be affected by being dependent on others for your day to day survival. You should strike a correct balance between seeking money for your betterment and a mad rush towards it to keep in pace with other people’s wealth. If you start comparing you always feel lacking. Earn for yourself, not for competing with others. Give priority to your inner wealth, so that you can truly enjoy your materialistic wealth.


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      You have summed it correctly bodylevive. It is true you should be accepted for what you are.

    • bodylevive profile image

      BODYLEVIVE 5 years ago from Alabama, USA

      Money can't buy many things but some thinks it can. If buying friendship, love, etc. Beware, the money does run out....and where will you be left? And even if it doesn't run out, you have false love, false friendship and the list goes on. Others must accept me as I am as I do them. I'm not for sale by the highest bidder!