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Put $100 a Year Into A Retirement IRA By Having Shinier Hair!

Updated on October 7, 2012

Would Another $100 a Year Help Your IRA?

The Problem: Washing Your Hair Every Two Days and It's Still Not Shiny---Plus---Your Roth IRA is EMPTY!

Many are buying great hair condtioner and finding their hair still needs to be washed every other day. Does it seem like there is something wrong with this picture?

People try all kinds of expensive conditioners and spend lots of money trying to get cleaner, shinier hair. Not only are these products expensive even if one only spends $8 a month, but that money would be more productive going into one's Roth IRA!

The author spent years experimenting with myriad conditioners and washing her hair every day or other day, and found after two days her hari was again limp.....she took it upon herself to try lemon juice just because folklore says it makes hair shiny. Rather than rinsing her hair with expensive conditioner she put a few drops of lemon juice into a cup of water and poured it over her head....just to be sure, this was done two more times.

What Happened?

What happened was her hair was shiny and felt clean. A couple of days later it was STILL shiny and clean. She can this be? So again she washed her hair and rinsed with the lemon water and her hair lasted days longer without looking wilted and bland.

Could lemon juice do what expensive conditioners could not do? Yes! It got the soap out of the hair...and this is what causes hair to go limp and dull.

One day the author was out of lemon juice. What could be used instead? From chemistry it is known that lemon Juice changes the acidity of the water and thus the PH of the water. So the writer needed to identify something on hand that was acidic.

Yes! The answer is: ASPIRINS DISSOLVED IN A CUP OF WATER! Aspirin is really salicylic acid and will cause the pH change just as lemon juice.

The aspirins worked! Her hair was clean and shiny but didn't have that great lemon smell to it. So now,when one goes on vacation to ensure pretty hair, always take some aspirin in the suitcase.

Whether one chooses to use aspirin or lemon juice it probably saves about $100 a year on conditioner and does a better job.

One can put the money saved into their ROTH IRA and in five years this will have accumulated to $500 from money NOT SPENT on conditioner! And that doesn't even include the compounded interest.

There it is! Grandma was right....Now---before leaving this page, check out the book below. Don't put off getting that IRA, especially for those in their twenties. Remember-each year starting early with the IRA yields exponential results as time goes by.

This hub won't look so silly when you look at your balance sheet in ten years!

Copyright 2012


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    • sweetie1 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      Doodle head,

      Aspirin for hair, Never heard of it before. We got many things in India which are herbal and work very good for shining the hair. I am going to ask my dentist friend for lots of samples of Aspirins.. and lets see what happens.

    • profile image

      Milli Thornton 

      6 years ago

      This is brilliant. And so easy to do. You can even get a large squeeze bottle of lemon juice concentrate, which makes it easier to dispense.

      I've used lemon juice in my hair during certain situations to remove excess gunk - and loved the results. But I had not thought of doing it in place of conditioner. In fact, I'm very unhappy with my present conditioner so this will be the perfect time to experiment.

      Thanks for the money-saving tip. It's ridiculous what we have to pay for shampoo and conditioner these days. Such a rip off for bottles chock-full of chemicals. Even the ones that claim to be natural often have scary-sounding ingredients with a few token herbs thrown in.

    • profile image

      Victoria Pope 

      6 years ago

      Have you heard about flax seed water?

    • RoxiM profile image


      6 years ago from West Virginia

      Interesting idea. I used to shampoo with eggs and rinse with vinegar or lemon juice. Just be aware than if you get lemon juice on your skin, then go out in the sun, you are more likely to get sunburned. Also, lemon juice on hair + sun = lighter hair.


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