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Don't Put A Ceiling On Your Income - You Make The Shots!

Updated on June 6, 2011
President Barack Obama in his office.
President Barack Obama in his office.
Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London,Friday April 29, 2011, following their wedding at Westminster Abbey. (AP Photo/John Stillwell, Pool) (John Stillwell/AP)
Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in London,Friday April 29, 2011, following their wedding at Westminster Abbey. (AP Photo/John Stillwell, Pool) (John Stillwell/AP)

Accept No Limits!

“A person is limited only by the thoughts that he chooses” James Allen

Have you ever thought of yourself beyond your current circumstance and position in life? The truth is you are not limited to this kind of life unless you have accepted it. The environment has very little to do with it. The moment you decide that enough is enough; the miracle of change is set in motion. Your life can change once you decided to change it.

“All things are possible to the one who believes.”

Vic Johnson says, “Anytime you are ready to go beyond the limitations currently in your life, you are capable of doing that by choosing different thoughts.” Off course, if you have been in a situation for a long time, you are conditioned. You reach a level where you do not even have to think about it, but simply assume that it will always be there.

A story is told of a man who had been very sick for more than thirty years. For a long time, he lay by a certain lake that was believed to be miraculous. Many sick people lay waiting for an angel of the lord to stir the waters and anyone who got in first after the waters were stirred, got healed. This was an annual event, which meant that whoever needed healing would have to wait for the following year. This man had stayed there for many years and each time somebody went in front of him and jumped in. This went on for years. He had finally convinced himself that his condition was permanent, until Jesus showed up and challenged him.

Jesus knew that the man had a skewed mentality. He did this by simply telling the man to get up, take his mat and go home. Instantly, his disease was cured.The man who had stayed in this condition for over thirty years, was healed by the power of words.

Could it be that his main sickness was in his mind rather than in his body? Could it be that the manifestation of the physical sickness is only a sign of deeper issues inside our inner being? Can I go further and suggest that perhaps your disease or sickness is in your head or caused by your own thoughts?

There is plenty of scientific evidence that shows a direct link between our thoughts and how we process them, and the diseases we have. Thus, making it logical to conclude that healing must then be connected directly to our thoughts. It is a fact that a person who thinks himself or herself sick, becomes sick. We all know that having depression, stress, fatigue, demoralization, and anxiety is not a result of the outside environment, but that of the inner environment. There are testimonies of people being healed from terminal illnesses and disabilities just by healing the mind.

So if the mind is so magical and powerful, why do we neglect it? Why do we spend so little time studying it in order that we can understand it's function and purpose more clearly?

Well, one of the answers is that we succumb to the power of paradigms.

Paradigms are patterns of habits and beliefs that control our lives, which are not necessary original to us, but are inherited or adopted from others and the environment in which we live. Paradigms are what makes us conclude that the only way to get ahead in life is to get a college degree, and a masters and then a PhD, even with overwhelming evidence that most college professors are broke and unhappy. Paradigms limit us.

Your limitation is not because you grew up in a single parent home, it's because of your paradigms. How many people have made it bigger than you, who grew up with a single parent? There are many. Our current President Barrack Obama is one of them.

We can change our lives instantly, if we can change our paradigms. If you think it's possible to earn $100,000 a year, what is stopping you from earning it? Don't point to your boss, and accuse them of not raising salary. Is that the only way you can earn $100,000 or $500,000?

"Hey...hold you are going too far." That's a lot of money you are talking about. Well, there are many people who make this kind of money every year. Their paradigms are totally different. They believe they can earn it and they deserve it. That's why they are able to earn it. If you changed your limiting habits and beliefs, you will be on your way to attaining more than you have ever dreamed possible.

So how do we deal with the issue?

1. Accept nothing as permanent. There is no such thing as a permanent condition. Everything moves and changes. Matter is made of moving particles that are always constantly vibrating. When your mind says no, your body says no. When your mind says yes, your body says yes. Your life is a direct product of your mind and once you change your mind (subconscious beliefs, thoughts and habits), your life is brand new.

2. Believe that you are the only one who can change it. Assigning blame is the first sign of defeat. Once you recognize that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life, you guarantee your own success. Of course, there are things that are beyond your control, and these are very few, but how you react to those situations is totally up to you. It's your action that makes the difference.

3. Decide. Make a decision to change your life. Don’t just be wishing that things would become better. If wishes were riches, no one would be broke and running from creditors or fighting with landlords. You have to decide the kind of life you want. Do not be one of those people who simply believe in affirmations. Affirmation without strategy and action is delusion.

4. Commit to doing it and DO IT. Start doing whatever you think is going to change your life for the better. Every step you take in the right direction draws you closer to a life you desire. Inaction is one of the greatest thieves of people’s dreams.

5. Have absolute faith in your actions. Do whatever it takes with absolute certainty that you will succeed. An unwavering faith will guarantee your commitment and it will bring you to insights whenever you are faced with difficult challenges.

6. Invest in Yourself. Don't pray that God takes away the challenges and obstacles. Pray that your capacity increases for you to easily deal with challenges and obstacles. Growth does not come by avoiding difficulty but by facing and dealing with it. Whatever you think will help you attain your goals, do it. The best gift you can give your family and society is a better you.

Some Questions to ask yourself and think about

  • Why do I earn my current income? Is this all I deserve? Is it equivalent to my worth and potential?
  • Why am I in this relationship? Is this the best for me? is this my best catch?
  • Is this the best I can do for my marriage, my children, my spouse, my dad, my mom?
  • Why do I go to this church? Or why don’t I go to church? What’s the main reason? What drives my behavior? would it make a difference if went? what if it did?
  • Why do I drink alcohol? is it worth the pleasure and leisure, even if it's ruining my relationships, my family, my career or my ability to plan my life?

Bonus Nuggets

Remember, as you contemplate, that nobody will offer you what you are not willing to claim for yourself. Self-doubt is an enemy of progress. You cannot have anything beyond what your mind accepts.

Whatever is in conflict with your mind, you resist.

Thoughts are more than just mere mental activities. They are creative agents that allow us to build our lives in the shape and state we desire. They are the prophets of our lives. They predict what our lives will be and determine our current status.

No one lives beyond his or her thought life. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

You can train yourself to identify limiting thoughts and block them from taking root. Censor your mind. Rate it. Just like you rate the movies your kids watch. Rate the thoughts you allow in your mind and block any limiting thoughts and images.

Avoid negative and discouraging talk together with the people that relish it. Remember the wise saying, “bad company corrupts good character.” – may I also add that "Bad thinkers corrupt good thinkers."


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    • Fuller-Life profile image

      Fuller-Life 5 years ago from Washington, DC

      LemmyC, thanks for stopping by. Wonderful and crucial comment. We should never shy away from intelligent questioning and intentional actions. God is not scared of our thinking! We cannot intimidate Him.

    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 5 years ago from UK

      Great article! The realm of divergent thinking has wonderful power to change situations. Through questioning and purposeful actions we create new percepts and new line of movement.

    • Fuller-Life profile image

      Fuller-Life 6 years ago from Washington, DC

      You are right on Felicity. Great decisions and willingness to take action makes huge differences. Someone said "you will miss 100% of the shots you don't take." I absolutely agree.

    • felicitylovespari profile image

      felicitylovespari 6 years ago

      Although some of us have more to overcome than others in finding the vehicle with which to do it, I fully believe the difference between mediocrity and full on success is decision and willingness to take action.

    • Fuller-Life profile image

      Fuller-Life 6 years ago from Washington, DC

      Thanks Dexter. I appreciate your encouragement. We need to keep inspiring one another to live fuller lives.

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 6 years ago from United States

      Fuller-Life, I just have to thank you for this hub. You write words of wisdom and I appreciate you for it. I am going to bookmark this so I can read it often as a reminder. Thanks, again!