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Tourism experience shopping in Macao "cheap and quality"

Updated on August 14, 2016

Macau shopping destination-in the Asian region, known for its luxury shopping centre, home to many modern brand items in the world. If you are intending to go shopping when traveling to Macao, stores the items of quality, affordable, should not ignore the shared travel experience shopping in Macao smoothly here.

Macau travel shopping
Travel shopping in Macao
Tourism experience shopping in Macao

Travel shopping in Macao you will be using the money the Macanese pataca (MOP), money (TQ), and Yuen Hong Kong money with equivalent value, this is a great gadget for you when shopping in Macao. However, to save costs, you should consult the note when shopping in Macao here:

A few note when shopping in Macao

According to the experience of shopping tourism in Macao cheap and quality, some time in may, July and after the lunar new year is the time you should visit Macao to stores. If you come to Macao on this time around will be buying those items special discounts up to 90%.

In addition, you should also pay attention to choose the right location to shopping in Macao. Before Macao travel and intend to purchase you should see its costs to consider in the stores. If you want to save the you can choose from these stores, local markets in Macao. Or personell cost can get to the Trade Center, great store to shop.

These types of items shopping in Macao are plentiful, including the world famous brands such as clothing, cosmetics, watches, gold and silver. In addition, you can also choose to buy the souvenir items featured in Macao, such as the model Church St. Paul, Macau Tower, however the price of the note you of what types of items are quite expensive and often not even at all. Besides, you can also choose the t-shirt in the picture as a gift to Macao or move to the attractions in Macao.

The famous shopping destination in Macao

Tourism in Macao should shopping? In Macau, you can choose for themselves a lot of shopping, from the luxurious, modern shop with enough of the old titles in the world until the budget shop affordable, good quality.

Here, is the famous shopping venues in Macau, you can refer to:

Amoy Peninsula-the city of Macao

The peninsula of Amoy is the Special Administrative Region in China, concentrating much amusement, entertainment center in Macao. In particular, in the area of the peninsula of Amoy-the city of Macau is famous for many merchant focus into busy shopping centre, with large scale. Here, you will be the choice of many world famous items, if the right to time off you will be buying these items extremely cheap price quality.

The famous shopping destination in Macao
Amoy Peninsula-the city of Macao
Senado Square

Located right in the city centre of Macao, Senado Square shopping area as well as shopping venues are many travelers to Macao. Here, you are not only buying enough items from budget to luxury, but also be walking to discover the many crannies in Senado Square.

In particular, when to Senado Square on hour tan games 7:30 you will be witnessed the line of people walking from shop to shop. In addition to shopping, you also are visiting the Senado Square where many of the major events held in Macao, was designed with the colonial architecture, harmonious space. Senado is famous with many shops along either side of the city. If you are in the old town that want to straighten the square, can take a taxi for about 15 minutes over the bridge from the island of Taipa to Macau Peninsula.

The Grand Canal Shoppes

This is one of the brand store in Macao are designed with unique architecture, which is home to the dome, with the front yard is the drooping flowers. With an area of 93,000 square metres, The Grand Canal Shoppes focuses a lot of famous fashion items in the world. The unique traits of The Grand Canal Shoppes, there is no concept of day or night, the lights here always are of the shopping, entertainment, the way ...

Should shops where tourists Macao?
The Grand Canal Shoppes
St. Mark's Square

One of the top places to shop price in Macao you should not ignore it's, St. Mark's Square with the luxurious space, famous in the world. It focused more than 180 luxury brands of the top designers in the world. You will be consulting staff about the quality of the image, as well as the reasonable price for each type of item, especially you also get free delivery to hotels upon request.

The Venetian Macao

Famous is the staging area blocks of luxury, monumental and shopping system. Venetian Macau includes more than 350 shops sold clothes, shoes, gold and silver, watches, cosmetics, ... of the famous brands such as Tiffany & Co., Omega, Mont blanc, Versace, Lacoste, Gucci, D & G, Guess ...

Travel shopping in Macao
The Venetian Macao
Wynn Macau

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