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Trading E-Minis For Dummies Like Me

Updated on June 15, 2011

Trade The What?

All of us have been searching for the ultimate answer to financial freedom. Guess what? I actually found it! What did I discover? How to trade US Futures without needing much knowledge of the market. Unlike stocks, you will make money in both Bull and Bear market.

I'm a right-brained kind of a person. I like to draw and I like to sing. Trading is not even the last thing in my list of things to learn. Honestly. No way! Too complicated and time consuming.

Well, that is, until I discovered E-minis. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not.

E-mini Future traders trade the US indexes like the S&P500, Russell 2000 and Dow Jones. They don't trade the stocks directly. That's too much work! They just trade the indexes. For stocks, you trade shares. In futures, you trade the future contracts.

In trading, without training, your odds of winning are 50/50. With proper training, the odds increase to 70/30. To trade stocks, you need $25,000 in your trading account. With E-minis, all you need is $2,000 - $3,000, depending on your broker's margin requirement.

Where Can You Learn To Trade The E-minis?

In 1997, Traders International was formed by trader Afshin Taghechian who wanted to profit from the new emerging E-minis market. He developed the widely used and extremely effective TIMES methodology, teaching traders high probability signals to enter the market in both bull and bear conditions. TI provides an educational trading program for new members and an excellent support system second to none. Training includes money management and mindset management (psychology of trading).

Overview of Traders International an E-minis

In The Trading Room...

1). Professional Traders call the signals online to help trader enter the market.

3) Can ask questions to the moderator in the trading room to learn in depth why

certain signals are called.

4) Typical instruction: "Traders, we have a sell signal on the S&P coming up. Be

prepared to enter this trade when the red candle confirms".

5) Charts are provided for viewing and traders only need a trading pad to enter a trade.

6) Traders eventually learn how to trade on their own without relying on the

moderators to call the signals all the time. This comes with practice.

Trading Room Tour

Why YOU Should Join Me As An E-minis Trader

1) Work only 2-3 hrs a day and make $100 in a matter of minutes

2) You only need a computer and an internet connection with at least 1 megabit

3) Trade from anywhere in the world where wireless broadband is provided

– your bedroom, the beach, the park..

4) Trade part time or full time professionally. Eminis trade 23 hours a day!

5) Trade in your nighties! Or better still, nothing at all.

6) Treat it as a business with no staff, overhead costs or customers

7) No more wasting time in traffic

8) Too lazy to trade? Sleep in!

9) Take a holiday anytime of the day for as long as you want

10) Spend more time with your family

11) Be your own boss and make your own time

E-minis Traders Speak Out

The Big Question - How Much Can You Earn?

The sky's the limit! You will start trading with 1 contract and earn your way to as many contracts as your account allows. For 1 contract, depending on the brokerage firm that you select, it is advisable to put in $3,000 to start trading.

What is the average profit you can expect in a day based on 1 contract? That depends on how made trades you decide to enter in a day. Some months are quieter on the Market like August and December but in other months, you can get as many as 5-10 signals a day im both pre and cash market!

The probability of the TIMES Method has been proven to deliver 7 out of 10 times that it is identified. The odds are in your favor with this system.

Let's do a simple calculation on what you can earn with E-minis. Let's say that you trade the S&P 500 with a profit target of 2 pts for every trade you take. 1 pt is equal to $50, therefore 2 pts is $100. You have decided to play 2 trades a day using the TIMES Method. Your odds of winning are 70/30.

In 10 days, you have 7 profits and 3 losses. Each trade is $100 (definitely achievable)


Day 1 : $200

Day 2 : $200

Day 3 : ($200)

Day 4 : $200

Day 5 : $200

Day 6 : $200

Day 7 : ($200)

Day 8 : $200

Day 9 : $200

Day 10 :($200)

Profit : $800 x 2 = $1,600 a month

(53% return on your initial investment)

That's a neat little sum for working 2 hrs a day, 5 days a week in your spare time, don't you think? Remember, you are only playing with 1 contract. Let's say that you roll the profit back into your account and double your contract every month. Let's say that your target is to play 10 contracts in 10 months. Your reward? $16,000 a month! Roll it back for another 10 months and add 10 more contracts. $32,000 a month! Achievable? Absolutely!

Check it out, guys. It really works.

Traders International


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    • profile image

      mak 7 years ago


      this kinda sounds almost to good to ne true how do i know its legit.

    • profile image

      Nina Redza 9 years ago

      Hey Rick,

      In Asia, there are two options.

      1) Lump sum of USD6,000.00

      2) Deposit of USD2,000. The balance of USD4,500 is paid in monthly installments for 1 year. (Total = USD6,500)

      I'm still recovering the capital investment. I play mainly pre market and the signals have been really encouraging. My net profit is 20-30% a month.

      I hope you've joined. The best thing i ever did!

      Thanks for dropping by, Ricky

    • profile image

      Rick 9 years ago

      Hi Nina,

      How much for the membership in Kuala Lumpur and hows your trading progress?

      Already in profit or still recover capital investment for education from Ti.

    • profile image

      saveyourmoneydenver 9 years ago


      Thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions. It's good to hear from people with real-life experience.

    • profile image

      Nina Redza 9 years ago

      Hi saveyourmoneydenver,

      Yes, I'm a member of Traders International located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I joined last May and have been trading live since August 08. My trading plan calls for me to make back the membership fee by Jan 09. But I have to stick strictly to the plan, of course! Non-discipline traders tend to stray and end up with losses.

      Ongoing monthly costs vary depends on the broker, charts and trading platform that you choose. I'm trading using Ninja Trader with Mirus Futures as my broker. NT is $60 a month and brokerage fees is $4.40 roundtrip per contract. Pretty cheap, actually! My chart is E Signal as it supports TI's indicators. It's $145 a month. NT has a built-in chart but all TI moderators use E-Signal in their trading room and so do I for familiarity but it's not required.

      1 contract can earn me between $300-$800 after commission a week, depending on the month. Some months are quieter. Even the chaotic market situation now doesn't affect our profit that much.

      I don't have email access to other traders outside of Malaysia but you may email for assistance. They hold many previews also.

      I hope it helps. Thanks for the interest and good luck!


    • profile image

      saveyourmoneydenver 9 years ago

      Dear Ninaredza,

      Are you currently trading with TI, or are you only reselling their membership?

      If you are trading with TI, how long did it take for you to make back your tuition?

      What are the ongoing monthly costs, including charting software, trading platform, TI membership, brokerage fees, etc?

      How much do you usually make trading eminis after costs?

      Can you put me in touch with some other TI members?

      Thank you very much - this information will help me decide how to proceed.