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Trading Online Guides For Beginners

Updated on December 21, 2014

Trading For Beginners

Trading online has become a thing of today. You must have heard this quite often:all you need is a computer, internet connection and starting capital to set up a platform and start investing. It sounds easy and exciting and this can immediately lure anybody into trading. After realizing that you meet the above requirements, many people will jump straight to start trading immediately without the proper knowledge of what to expect in this kind of business.

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic but taking calculative measures to prevent you loosing money can come handy. That does`t mean that trading is not a lucrative niche, all i`m saying is prevention is better than cure.

That is why when attempting to look into investing in trade, start by doing a thorough research and examinations to check if it is the right business for you. You don`t want to rush into it and suddenly realize after investing your money that it is not the right business.

Three Key Factors Before Trading


Every successful business is achieved by planning. Having a layout of what you are going to get from your business will lead to more success than loss. It`s the same as travelling to a destination you have never traveled before. When you plan for your journey to a destination you have never been, you are more likely to deal with any issues and get there successfully.

This is the same for any trader, whether a beginner or a professional. Planning clears most barricades that would have cost you more if you did`t.

Decide What type of trade

Once you have decided what type of trade you want, set up your goals so that you have a clear sense of direction. This will help you to establish how much time and money you can realistically dedicate for your business.

These goals can include a well written business plan to help you achieve higher percentage of gains for your business. With goals set, you will be able to know how much time you will leave for trading and for learning. You will also be able to check the top best platforms for short-term trading.


Doing a thorough research is essential before starting that first trade. Understand the risks involved with trading. In this business, you can make tens of thousand in a day and it can also take the same amount of time to loose the same amount.

Having that in mind, you will be more prepared to tackle the market with a clear head and less panic. You will understand that trading is not gambling but a business if entered with caution can earn one a decent living even more.

What is Oscillator In Online Trading

Trading Words And Their Meaning

After you have thoroughly done your research and found a secure platform to start your trading, you are going to start encountering some words in the trade world that are totally hard to understand.

At this time, you will start looking at the market, reading about fundamental and technical analysis and other complex words. I`m going to share with you some words that will be very beneficial as you trade.


  • An oscillator is a technical indicator that tells whether an index or equity is currently trading in an "overbought" or "oversold" condition.
  • An overbought when the stock is trading at the upper extreme of it`s current price range and may soon pull back or move into a strong pattern. An oversold stock is trading at the bottom of it`s current price range and may be due for a bounce.
  • RSI ( Relative Strength Index), It`s an oscillator that measures a stock`s current relative strength as compared to its own price history.
  • When your stock makes a higher high, but RSI diverges from price by hooking down or making a higher high, you take profits or tighten your protective stop.
  • Readings above 80 are overbought, and readings below 20 are oversold.
  • Stochastics are lines below 20 and when they hook up, and the faster %K line crosses above the slower %D line it`s a buy "signal".
  • The MACD is a trend that follow the momentum indicator or oscillator that shows the relationship between the 26-day and 12-day. It moves averages of stock`s price pattern, in conjuction with a 9-day signal line.
  • MACD-H (histogram) gives buy and sell signals by crossing over its mid-scale zero line. A buy signal is given when the MACD-H rises above it`s zero line and vise versa for the sell signal.
  • Support and resistance are like the floor and the ceiling. If the trend hits the same line forming peaks and bounces back it creates a support and if a break away happens it tends to go downwards. And when the trend hits the same line forming troughs and bounces back it creates a resistance and if there is a break away, it tends to move upwards.

Some Online Trade Quesions

What are fundamental analysis?

See results

What Are Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis are economic news of the country`s internal financial fitness. They can also be report analysis of a country`s / organization`s stock and market news.

What Are Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis are the reports from following a trade pattern or trend from past charts/ trends. This involves study of time, price and markets or index.

Psychology Of Trading

I`d also advise you to get materials on psychology of trading. I`ll update a link for you to check it out and read about how not to be an emotional trader and why.

Never trade with anxiety. This will cause you to loose focus. If you feel like you`re becoming sweaty, leave the trade room and go do other things then come back later. Remember, the market is always trading and nothing you can do to change the stock from buying and selling.

Getting educated and arming yourself with proper information is the key to succeeding in trading. Check out a few of some experts who have specialized in this business for a long time and who have empowered me with enough information in my trading experience.

Learn More About Trading Online From The Experts

The reason for writing about online trade and give some guidelines is because just like you, I`m a trader. The only difference is, if you are reading this and haven`t jump-started into trading then you are on the right track and are applying the three key factors that we covered earlier.

Unlike you, if you`re taking time to read and research about trading, I fell to the magic words on the first paragraph "computer, internet connection and capital". It sounded easy and I entered into trading without ever having to read and get enough knowledge before trading.

It was a huge mistake that cost me a little more than I was ready to loose and even if I was able to rectify that it in due time and thankfully the loss was manageable, I thought it could happen to anybody out there.

It was then that I decided to educate myself and trade to invest cautiously and not to gamble. In this business, understanding the direction of a trend and understanding all the trade strategies and analysis is the key to success.

Discipline is also very essential in trading and it is better to be a passive trader and gain little each day but stay in longer than to be an aggressive trader and loose all. Never risk to trade with more than 2% of your capital.

Never trade with borrowed money and never use that mortgage money or the college fee you have been saving for your children. It will only increase your nerve and distract you from concentrating on the potential strategy. Remember, don`t treat trading online like a casino, treat it like your business and build your portfolio to help you stay focused on past and future performance of your trading.

Save up the money to invest in your trade. This will ease you the nervousness when you start trading and you`ll be able to trade a bit relaxed.

Trading For Beginners With Small Accounts


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