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Yes, You Can Travel on a Budget With a Family, Beach or Woods?

Updated on May 31, 2011

Travel Tips for Families on A Budget! Yes, you can still Vacation when money is tight.

I have been married for 23 years and have two daughters. Money has been very tight over the years and I have always managed to find ways for us to go on vacations sticking to our budget. I hope some of my tips will help you get some needed relaxation time and fun with your family.

First you need to ask yourself the question, do you want the beach or the woods, we have done both.

I will start with beach ideas:

If you are looking for a beach vacation, there are many options.

Are you open to camping - this is the cheapest way to go and can be a lot of fun. Most nice resort areas have many campgrounds near by. They usually have pools and activities for the kids and families included in the camp site cost. If you do not have a tent, ask to borrow a friends or invest in one that is a nice size, you can use it over and over again. We have camped in Cape May many times and was able to enjoy the beautiful area without breaking our budget. Bring non perishable foods with you, put them in a plastic container, bring a cooler for a few items you need to keep cold, many places sell ice cheap. Try to eat most of your meals at your camp site, make trail mixes at home, cereal for breakfast, easy mac for lunch, hot dogs and burgers for dinner, and smores for a snack at night. Make sure you buy all of your supplies before you leave your home town at your local dollar store or walmart. Bring lots of gallons of water and drinks from the dollar store with cups. A lot of areas have free beachs, check before you leave. Bring your own balls, frisbees, and kites from home. Check the local area for zoos, museums, music in the parks, libraries, a lot of times the activities are free. Games are fun at night, so bring the cards, and pictionary.

Do not go to the grocery stores in the resort areas, drive out five miles and go where the locals go. Dinners can be bought very inexpensively at the grocery stores, already prepared, and pizza is always a great dinner on a budget. Buy your ice cream and cones, or a pack of ice cream bars at the grocery store instead of the ice cream shop. Always check out the local farm stands for the sale of the day for some fresh fruits and veggies.

If you want to go one step up, try to go to places that rent just rooms in a house and share a bathroom. If you only go away for a few nights, you can still stick to your budget and be close to the beach. Eat In.

Also, check out the hostels, there are many great ones up in Cape Cod. They all provide an open kitchen, you can eat all your meals there and you will meet lots of great people from all over the world.

If you are looking for a woods vacation, lets go to the woods.........................

There are so many camp grounds all over that are beautiful. Most of them will have lakes for swimming and fishing. If you don't want to be in a tent, there are many state parks that will rent cabins. They have real rustic cabins and ones with electricity, all at a very reasonable rate. You can usually go for a week in a cabin and stay within your budget. The bathrooms are usually a short walk from the cabins and provide running water and showers. It is always a fun nighttime walk in the woods and a great time to see the stars. One of our favorite places is Alleghany State Park. If you have bikes, make sure you bring them. Check the local papers for the free activities. You can reserve your cabins on line.

Don't forget the books and tape books for the car, from the library. If you have a portable DVD player bring it along, get your movies from a red box for $1.00 (you can rent and return at any red box and they are all over) and charge the DVD before you go and in the camp center at the camp gound if your cabin does not have an electric socket.

Summer is just starting, pack your bags and have a great relaxing vacation all within your budget!!!


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