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TreasureTrooper Scam?

Updated on May 11, 2012

There are so many websites out there preying on desperate people who want to make money online. With new laws surrounding false advertising on the internet, most of these websites technically do what they say. Survey sites say they pay you money for surveys and you can make up to $25 or up, well technically, they aren't lying. They will pay you for taking surveys. What they don't say is how much they will pay you per survey, how many surveys you can take, whether they will approve surveys and how much you need to cash out.

I chose to test out TreasureTrooper because of all of the hype I read online. I am unsure if people said they did well on it just because they wanted referrals or if they honestly put in the time to make something. I was pleased with how quick surveys seemed to get approved, however I did find, the higher the payout of the survey, the more likely they were to not approve it. I know I spent about an hour on this one ragin-fragin survey that was supposed to pay out somewhere between $2-$5 and they never approved it. I know from experience that I did the survey correctly and did all I was asked to do. I can't say I am sure that they do this on purpose however I must assume to keep the amount of payouts they have to send out low, that they do this more often then not.

The thing I found about this survey site is if you keep your survey payouts to less than $1, they get approved fast and easily. There is always new surveys being posted and you can even talk to other users on the forum, whether that be about how much you have made or just a broken link. They have some surveys that also pay out coins that can be used to get giftcards or other things. While I was pleased with the amount of surveys and the ability to do different things, I also found this is not the place to go if you want to make money fast online. I still use the website however I have yet to cash out since they won't do so until you reach $20.


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