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Trends of Interest in Working from Home

Updated on January 14, 2015
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Deborah-Lynn has been writing professionally since 2002 as a freelancer and ghostwriter, non-fiction and fiction genres'.

Better Ecology is not a hobby, it is a responsibility

We have responsibility for our planet, our homes and our children.  We must plan ahead to keep them toxin free, safe and healthy.
We have responsibility for our planet, our homes and our children. We must plan ahead to keep them toxin free, safe and healthy.

How do these Three Trends relate to one another?

The Top Three Concerns of people today are Job Security, Financial Freedom and restoring our environment to be healthy, safe and toxin free for future generations to come. The majority of people voicing concerns make a conscious effort to recycle, reduce waste, lower energy consumption and take steps to live more "green". The same group worries about job security, even when they feel they are performing with good work ethic and capable job skills for their occupations. In addition, facing the economic changes in our country, this group is equally concerned as to whether or not they will reach Financial Freedom and live well into their retirement years. For the first time in our countries' history, the Trends are looking like private enterprise, working from home, will be the next best avenue to achieve all three of these concerns. Single people as well as families have much the same needs in these three areas so the steps we all need to take are very similar.

NBC 10 News Reports Work at Home Jobs really WORK!

Trending Toward Deeper Environmental Consciousness and Working From Home

Concerns of the Poor Condition of our Planet and Toxins in our homes areTrending Up Sharply

More and more, the people of working age in our country have become extremely concerned about the decades of pollution and abuse of our planets' resources. Can you say that your company is doing all it can to reduce waste, air pollution and resource consumption. As individuals, we can always do more.

Becoming involved with a company that performs its' industry in a "Green" (ecologically safe environment), conscious process, encourages all its' affiliates to live "green", and reduce our "footprint" upon our beautiful planet, this is an important aspect of doing all we can do. When we choose carefully, what we purchase, the products we use, and think about what we expose ourselves and our children to, we are considering our futures, our health and the continued health of everyone we love. If you could find a company that mindful of its' responsibility, and of our responsibility in that area, would it lead you to consider the value of a relationship with such a forward thinking Corporation?

Quality Time spent with family Currently Trends as a high priority which results in feelings of guilt when an exhausted parent returns home late.

Several Corporations Providing Work from Home Options are Offering Opportunities not provided by Traditional Corporations.

Historically, in the past 30 years, several very reputable corporations have been formed with intentional policies to offer people non-conventional perks to Work from Home. For example, one company offers a legal transfer or inheritance of residual income checks to your surviving family members when you are deceased. This means that all the work you do to build your business with this company will be passed on to your children, your wife or who your designate when you are no longer there to provide for them. Other similar corporate set ups have educational funds, group medical and insurance, bonuses and incentive vacations.

Working from home not only offers opportunity to save on gasoline, traffic hassles and clothing expenses, but you can set your own hours around your family schedule which additionally can reduce childcare expenses, eating out at lunch and other work-related "money suckers". The companies I have successfully researched promote Live Webcasts as contact options for you to work with clients and your company ONLINE rather than driving back and forth to office locations.

You can spend more time on family needs and not worry that someone else is developing your children's beliefs and ideals. You reduce your stress and you are there to prevent additional family stresses.

Studies show that working from home families tend to schedule more vacation time than traditional on the job workers who may accrue only one or two weeks of paid vacation time per year. Often times workers under pressure are afraid to even take their earned vacation hours as they have work piled up and are afraid to anger their employers.

More than a few corporations that encourage Working from home philosophies, provide opportunities for reduced rate accommodations for family vacations as well as encouraging that we put our families first.

Another important trend that is being measured in the United States is that consistency and set rules in family life lead to well-adjusted personalities in children, as opposed to constant stress, being late, changing rules under constantly changing circumstances and many general situations that occur when a parent isn't present to provide assurances, especially with younger aged children and with teens.

Significant Factors We Can Control - Poll

If you were given the opportunity to work from home what would be most important to you?

See results

Your goals will keep you on Target when you own your business. Where do you want to retire?

Becoming Debt Free and finding your Custom Plan of Financial Freedom

There are companies out there that are definitely respected and have demonstrated longevity over three or so decades, followed up by tens of thousands of business associates who support the concepts and live by them successfully. Yes, some require initial investments, and these believe you always have to put in something to start a business of your own. During much research over the past 15 years, however, I have found that there are some corporations designed specifically to help a new business owner develop at their own pace and will not require product purchases to sell out of their home. These are not multi-level or pyramid business plans, simply said, there is no shipping out of your home or delivering product, and any purchases you make are for your own use.

You really can find corporations that have the concept down that if they care for their people, their people will succeed and they demonstrate their beliefs by training and supporting and encouraging every step of the way. It's actually a relief to be away from the worry of competition in the workplace where one can get caught up in the worry of being compared and judged semi annually, if not more often.

The program I have found to be most helpful is the simple breakdown of goals to set up a strategic step by step plan to eliminate bills, credit card debt and finally have a mortgage burning party when you have followed the steps to early pay down of your mortgage. It's not that simple, because you have to become skilled at living within an income with a budget and savings plan that you must keep in case of emergencies.

Most people working from home also enjoy the additional tax deductions for home office and work related expenses, portions of the things you need in daily life anyway that you get to deduct from your income taxes because it is also a part of owning a business.

Work from home companies do not encourage you to leave your 40 hour per week or salaried income until you have developed your own company enough to pay your bills and have enough to comfortably live and enjoy time with your family and friends. Once you have banked your additional income for a time, you can begin taking steps to become debt free and then Financially Free. Be sure to pick a company that is mindful of your goals to be debt free and improve your credit rating and anything else you are concerned about, like if your residual income is inheritable (can be passed on to your children when you are gone?). I think this is a major asset to have your loved ones still benefit from the work you put into your company.


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    • Deborah-Lynn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Thank you Eiddwen,

      I have read some of your work so your vote and comment means a great deal to me.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and useful.

      Voted up.


    • Deborah-Lynn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      New research on Trending work at home, successful companies with very LOW start up $$ highest interest trend! Click on highlighted words in this story above for links to the companies you are asking about. You will be very surprised at the results you can get. Contact me if you have anymore questions. I am happy to help :)


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