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Save money on groceries in Canada

Updated on March 31, 2016

Have you noticed your grocery bill keeps going up all the time. When you mostly buy the regular stuff.I have always been fascinated with "extreme couponning" but most of those deals and options are not available to us Canadians.

I have a small tool I use for grocery shopping or any kind of big ticket item I want to purchase. I use an app called "flipp" to price match. It's and easy to use simple app that's free and gives you deals based on your area once set up.

You can make your grocery list and for each item you add it gives you price and cost in all the stores in your area. When you find the lowest price you click and it goes into your clippings list.

Under the clippings list you can save multiple clippings of your choice and when you go over to register go into clipping and when you double click on item it takes you to flyer where cashier could see flyer. Rather than taking all the flyers with you.

It also gives you coupons you can use. So if it's available and if you are buying specific item you could use that too. Always check store policy.

I have helped my friends and family members save so much money by price matching that they love it. Hope it will help you and your family save some money.

If you have any questions or have tips of your own please share would love to hear from you.


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