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Get Paid to Write for Triond - Writing Contests!

Updated on February 22, 2012
Triond is an online publishing network that compensates its writers through the sharing of ad revenue.
Triond is an online publishing network that compensates its writers through the sharing of ad revenue.

What is Triond?

Triond is an online writing site that allows users to sign up for an account and earn money from their articles. To be honest, Triond is not a great writing site for the sake of writing, and is full of low quality content and articles designed to do more than make a few quick bucks. However, Triond can be a good source of revenue and a good place to learn the ins and outs of writing online. I have written over 300 articles for Triond, and made quite a bit of money from the site, which offers to compensate you with 50% of the advertising revenue in exchange for the right to publish your work on one of their many networked sites. One of the benefits of writing for Triond is that your articles on posted on sites specific to a certain category, so that the ads will always be targeted to the general subject matter. On top of the 50% revenue sharing that Triond offers through CPM ads, they also offer 50% Google Adsense revenue sharing, which is a great way to earn some extra money from Triond; in fact, I usually make around twice what I do from the CPM ads with Adsense each month, which can be quite substantial. The minimum payout from Triond is $0.50, which is very easy to achieve each month, and Adsense will send you a cheque once you have made $100.00.

These are my earnings for my first month at Triond.
These are my earnings for my first month at Triond.

While Triond does offer a lot of different options for revenue sharing, they have had a long history of low quality writing work, and as such some social bookmarking sites will no longer accept some of their networked sites. Recently, Triond has been trying to clean up its image by holding contests for flagging bad content and writing high quality work, offering a 10% boost in earnings to whoever participates.

Articles written for Triond do not have to be very long, only around 200 words, so it is very easy to write 8-10 articles a day, which is what I did back when I wrote full time for the site. However, because of the lack of an upfront payment, these 8-10 articles will convert to maybe 8-10 dollars after a month or so. However, these articles will keep earning for you for a very long time, and I still get monthly payments from Triond even though I haven’t published seriously on the site for at least six months. Triond is a great place to write online if you are looking for a place to publish basically anything and get paid for it (they accept creative writing too!) but looking for more serious sites to write for can be much more profitable. You can sign up for Triond here.

For more information on writing online, read my Beginner’s Guide to Writing Online.


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