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Trump's Mantra About Voter Fraud By Mail

Updated on May 23, 2020

Scandal or No Scandal?

We all know how Trump is prepping his base and other Republicans for the possibility that the U.S. Presidential election may go down to the wire in November. It could be decided by the uncounted mailed in ballots due to the Covid-19 being around and general fear.

Trump is stirring up the suspicion of voting by mail because everything points to him losing when this method is used. He wants to cause chaos in the voting results should this event come to pass. The November election could end this way, with many uncounted mailed in ballots and delaying any announcement of who the declared winner is. This result would be used by Trump (or Biden, for that matter) to declare voting fraud in key electoral states and a recount.

The possibility is so real this time since, if the medical are accurate and the virus has a second wave around October and November forcing another partial shutdown in these key states, most Americans would vote by mail, and why not? Casting a vote should not force voters to stand in lines for hours in inclement weather or when sick. It is odd that voting via a computer cannot be done safely.

Voter Fraud?

For all the tweets and yelping from Trump about this voter fraud by mail, the facts simply do not support Trump's lies. There are five states that use vote by mail exclusively and the recorded problems or amount of fraud in mail in ballots or the process of counting them is nil. Yes, it can happen and does in very small amounts and much of these are accidental via machine counting or human error. The number of problems are very small and unless the election is truly razor thin to where it could matter, voting by mail is safe and secure.

The Republicans and Trump feel that if they continue to yelp and tweet about how this voting method is filled with fraud and corruption, you will start to believe it. Another word for this is "propaganda". Study after study about this "fraud" has shown it is minimal, at best, due to the safeguards in place and criminal laws for tampering with voting. Yes, in the few cases in the news where fraud by this method was found, those were prosecuted and a recount happened or the election was done again. This fraud is usually found at small local elections in counties with poor oversight.

In the past 20 years, only 1200 voter fraud cases happened with 1100 convictions. Of these, only 204 were related to vote by mail and resulted in 143 convictions. That is about 7-8 cases per year of voter fraud by mail. And Oregon, which started vote by mail for all in 2000, well over 50 million ballots have been cast, there have been only two fraud cases verifiable enough to result in convictions for mail-ballot fraud in 20 years!

Don't believe anything Trump says about this. It is just his BS because he is afraid of losing big-time in 2020 via mail in voting.


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