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Tuetego: Social Networking Site That Pays

Updated on March 10, 2017

Are you looking for a way to make money blogging or for your social networking activities? Maybe you're searching for sites like Bubblews? If so, then consider Tuetego. I have personally used the site and so far so good. Here is my opinion and overview of the site.

What Is Tuetego

Tuetego is kind of like the now extinct site Bubblews. It is a social networking site that pays its users to blog. Well, they share their ad revenue with their users. Once you join the site, you can blog, share articles, make status updates and so forth. You can also rate articles, follow other people and gain followers of your own. It is very similar to Bubblews, but so far Tuetego seems to be better.

How Tuetego Works

The way Tuetego works is simple. You signup and then you can start using the site and its features. You can publish an article/blog post, and once it goes live other users can read it and share it. The more views and shares the article gets, the more money you will make.

You can also share outside content with users on Tuetego. This works the same way as Facebook's feature. Simply share a link from another website by pasting it in the share section and then you press the share button. For example if you share a YouTube video, then the video will be shown on your Tuetego newsfeed for all to see.

Rating articles is another way to get rewarded for using Tuetego. The way this works is by reading articles and then rating it. If an article is horrible or copy and pasted from elsewhere, then you would and should rate it the lowest. If an article is superb, then rate it the highest. There are also rating scores that fall in between bad and very good.

That is basically how Tuetego works. There are other things you can do on the site, but those are some of the key functions.

Who Can Join Tuetego

As far as I can tell, anyone can join the social networking site and get paid to blog. I might be wrong on that, but so far I would say anybody can join. Don't hold me to my word though, but if you're in doubt whether or not you're from a country that may not be able to use Tuetego, then shoot them over an email and ask them. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

How Much Can You Make On Tuetego

I'll be completely honest, as of now it doesn't appear you can make a whole lot. Tuetego is still a new site and doesn't boast the number of users that Bubblews once had. If you're active on the site, then you can probably make a few cents per day. To you, that might not be much, but to others it may be worth it. Maybe consider using Tuetego instead and you can make a few cents daily. In the long run, it may add up.

Payment Information

At the time of this writing, I am not sure what the minimum payout is. I would imagine it would be low, but I am not 100% sure what it is. Also, they pay via PayPal, at the time of this writing. They may offer other payment methods, but I believe they only pay via PayPal at this time. Like I said, I could be wrong on this.

Should You Use Tuetego

I say give it a go. Don't expect to make big bucks with it, but it is a fun place to blog, share content and read content. If you liked Bubblews, then you'll probably like Tuetego.

Link To Tuetego

Go ahead and give Tuetego a try and see how you like it. Remember, nothing venture, nothing gained. Below is the link to Tuetego. It is not a referral link, affiliate link or anything like that.

Here is Tuetego's website


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