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Istanbul For Property Investors

Updated on November 24, 2014

Turkey: One country, yet two continents

Turkey’s arrival to the British overseas property market has been welcomed with open arms and it isn’t just the vast stunning historic coastline that has attracted a record number of Brits to invest in Turkish property of late.

Turkish property investment is all about making money whether it is rental income, building developments for sale or prime land for development. Southwest Turkey is the top attraction for British property investors, this is due to extremely affordable property prices, coupled with the low cost of living and tremendously easy access from the UK. - Not to mention the climate!

All this is helped by being outside the Eurozone, the currency is still good old Turkish Lira and not forgetting a seemingly never-ending coastline with plenty of development potential.

Turkey offers a low cost of living

As much as we can openly and cheerfully admit that Turkey is cheap for holidays as well as living there, it is truly rich in culture, the many historic relics and historic landmarks pay tribute to the great civilizations that made this land their home and indeed Kingdom.

The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and the Ottoman Empire have all left their mark and made Turkey a very desirable investment opportunity.

With the cost of living being low, and low actually means 50-60 per cent below the UK, it enables a retired expat to live very comfortably indeed on a pension that otherwise might have seen them struggle in the UK. As for Council Tax, a 2 bedroom apartment could cost less than £50 a year, and a 4 bedroom villa the princely sum of about £100. This is for a year not per month!

Turkey isn’t just suited to retired Brits but has excellent rental income opportunities for holidaymakers and even people wishing to rent whilst working in Turkey. The investment opportunity in Turkey is incredible.

Turkish property investment opportunities are available right now, at the perfect time when the developments are exciting, not overcrowded and stunning locations await investors.

Halkali, a trendy up and coming area of Istanbul,

Financially and atheistically, Turkey is a very desirable place to live, taking in the stunning landscapes and coastline, with an added bonus of winters being much warmer than tin he UK – especially the southern seaside areas which is where British people tend to buy property. All these points make this Turkey a very desirable income opportunity for property investors.

As a perfect example of a landmark development in Halkali, it is a trendy up and coming area of Istanbul, it provides investors with the opportunity of financial rewards from urban regeneration.

From what was empty wasteland, this is now a new age modern town. Halkali is being developed into high end residential properties with large shopping malls, bars, restaurant’s, hospitals, universities, a conference centre and a Theme Park. All of which is due for completion in 2016, it boasts what will be the largest theme park in Europe. This is no normal 'brownfield' development, it is a massive new town, perhaps the makings of an exciting new city.

The Theme Park is to be called 'Tema Park' with the capacity to accommodate an astonishing 25-28 million visitors per year. Like any famous theme park it will have a closed-in fair ground as well as an open fair ground, three hotels boasting a total 1,050 rooms, one of which will have a theme concept. There will also be a conference centre with the capacity to accommodate 1,200 people.

Clearly with this type of development it demands excellent transport links. Istanbul city centre is just half an hour away and there are international trains to Bucharest and Belgrade.

The development is a stone’s throw away from the new Canal project with enviable views of a lake, sea and parkland. The architects, designers and developer have shown total consideration for owners and residents with added value features designed to improve their quality of life, and this is what attracts buyers, which in turn attracts investors.

Among all these advantages we must add the genuine friendly welcome from the Turkish people who genuinely appreciate your custom and this is reflected in the services they provide.

A markerHalkalı Turkey -
Halkalı/Mardin, Turkey
get directions

Stunning apartments in the most desirable location of Istanbul. Property investment opportunities now available

Arenapark Shopping and Life Center

Arenapark opened to the public in August 26, 2011 as a destination shopping and leisure centre. Turkey was (and still is) famous for the hustle and bustle of haggling and bartering, The ArenaPark is far removed from the ancient tradition Turkish markets. Boasting some 100,000 square metres

It includes indigenous Turkish stores as well as global brands offering 100 stores as well as a cinema complex. For those who still like a touch of Britain whilst abroad, it even has a Tesco and Burger King as well as a children's entertainment centre.

Turkey Property Investment Opportunities

North Shields Pub

The North Shields pub is as English as you'll get in Turkey if you want a British pub, very traditional pub interior, it serves pub grub both English and Turkish cuisine and has plenty of TV's to warrant calling it a sports bar. Yet still has the typical public bar and snug like facilities

The North Shield pub is a part of a small chain of British style pubs serving a nice range of local drinks and imported beers.

There is something for the whole family in this very British pub in Turkey.


212 Istanbul Power Outlet

Another great shopping centre close to İstanbul. This mall is very convenient for Atatürk Airport and even has free shuttles to and from Metro and Metrobus stations.

Despite the free transportation it has a large underground car park, serving an array of local and international fast food outlets as well as branded chain stores.

Six floors of stores and arcades areas, even a Carrefour supermarket. The mall seems to lean more towards being an "outlet" and geared to the younger people's market.

212 Istanbul Power Outlet

212 Istanbul Power Outlet
212 Istanbul Power Outlet | Source

© 2014 Peter Yexley


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