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Turtles Live on the Shelf in My House

Updated on October 16, 2019


This all started when I was a child. My mother had a craft supplies business and we lived near Lake Superior and she and my sister would collect flat, oval rocks. They would paint those rocks with a box turtle design, and attach felt on the sides to make a turtle paperweight. As crafty things are, these were unusual, and people would purchase them at craft events.

You see, I like turtles. I have a turtle that I have created with black walnut shell. A turtle is a simple domed creature. I'm tempted to start selling just the kit, so crafty people like you, may buy the kit to make their own. You know, complete with instructions. You'd have to supply your own glue and ambition, plus you'd have to lacquer it yourself, but still.... it would be fun, wouldn't it?

My turtle is listed on ebay, but I don't know how successful I will be. I was going to say that they put the turtle under Art and sculpture, but, I selected the category. Upon pondering this, I really should put it in Home Decor instead.

Life is a mess, isn't it?

The underside of this turtle. Glass shelf.
The underside of this turtle. Glass shelf.
 On the shelf.
On the shelf.
freshly cut walnut slices
freshly cut walnut slices

Walnut Slices

The walnut slices start out a green nut that I pick off the ground. Then, I run it through my sawmill and it neatly cuts the nut into slices. I then dry the shell and pick out the nutmeats. The nutmeats are edible and there are good recipes for cookies with nuts, and candies with nuts, and now I have heard, burgers made of nutmeats.

I need someone to inspire me. So far, that has been my kids. They have watched me design and build a sawmill for slicing black walnuts and have seen my process mature into what it has become today.

Yes. A bunch of sloppy, wet walnut slices, and pile of wet sawdust, black walnut nutmeats, and a few art projects.

Well, after I dehydrate them, they are dry. The nutmeats pick out and I have a few people who make cookies with the nutmeats. The black walnut nutmeats are an acquired taste, but supposedly they are truly nutritious.

I find them to be sweet. My hubby thinks they are bitter.

I Have Lots of Walnuts from the Trees that Grow on my Yard

lots of trees
lots of trees


Ebay was interesting today. I saw a sphere made with black walnuts from China. It was interesting. Even more interesting was the little stand they built to hold it. It was a stand that looked like four forks intertwined. That country. Between carving little intricate designs on things, to making walnut balls, they are just creative people.

I listed my turtle on ebay last week. It ends this morning. Wish me luck. It's not the only creature I plan to list, but I still think that a kit to make it would be fun for someone. Wouldn't you agree that some people would like to create their own?

My Creations

I have built Sphere's.
I have built Sphere's.
So, if the nutmeats were removed, would this make a cool pendant. Perhaps a butterfly with make it bake it crystals?
So, if the nutmeats were removed, would this make a cool pendant. Perhaps a butterfly with make it bake it crystals?

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