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Twenty items you can get for a dollar

Updated on November 16, 2011

Twenty items for a dollar in no particular order

The following are items in no particular order you can get for one U.S. dollar at the dollar store. When I say "dollar store", I mean the type of dollar stores where everything is literally one dollar or less. I thought I should compile this list of items since dollar stores have many great products for less and our economy is not what it used to be.

1.Axe body spray

Found the smaller cans two for one dollar

2.Del Monte Spaghetti sauce

Meat,traditional and mushroom. In some stores, these go for a dollar twenty or so.

3. Two liter bottles of name brand sodas

Pepsi, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper just to name a few for a dollar.

4.Yoplait Yogurt

thirty-nine cents each!

5.Little Tree car deodorizer

The bigger kind for a dollar each!

6.Name brand bread

Wheat,white, raising and others.

7.Name brand toothpaste

Colgate, Crest and others.

8.Name brand candy

Hershey's, Nestle, Milky Way, Kit Kat, bags of party mix type candy.

9.Office supplies

Pens, markers, legal pads, pencils, erasers, highlighters, notebooks, folders, paper clips and more!


Pre-popped popcorn, fried pork chips, potato chips and more.

11.Energy drinks

Various brands of energy drinks. Sometimes you can find the more popular ones for a little less.

12.Home supplies

Brooms, mops, sponges, towels, buckets, brushes,trash bins, laundry baskets, disinfectants, pest sprays just to name a few.


I've come across some pretty nice sunglasses at these dollar stores! Some carry more familiar names such as Nascar and Panama Jack.

14.Games and Toys for the kids

You can puzzles, plastic figures, dolls, playing cards, dominos, bouncing balls, coloring books, piggy banks, crayons, markers for a buck each or less.

15.Party supplies

Balloons, cups, napkins, plates, small novelties, candy for pinatas, some of things you could find for your next party.

16.Electronics and accessories for them

I've found headphones and earphones for mp3 players, computers, stereos, cd players and other audio devices. You can find screen protectors for smartphones and cell phone cases.

17.Pet supplies

One of the dollar stores I go to, 99 cents only now carries supplies for aquariums! They have airstones, nets, fish food, thermometers, and at one point had plastic plants! They have bird feed, dog and cat food, bowls, toys for cats and dogs.


Hammers, screws, rope,tape,plastic containers for nails and screws, lights, and glue.

19.Car accessories

Windshield wash, towels, leather seat sprays, dashboard sprays, tire cleaner, window cleaner,seat belt pads,funnels,air freshners, car floor carpet just to name to a few.

20.Clothes and clothing related

hats, bandanas, scarves, shirts, socks, skullcaps, ties, and gloves.

In summary

I have listed 20 different items that you can purchase at the dollar store for a dollar less. I hope this is beneficial to everyone as it has me.I have also written this Hub to show the public how the dollar still has some value to it and that you can get quite a bit with it! I would recommend that you shop at different dollar stores to find whatever items you are looking for since many do not carry the same products even if they belong to a chain of stores.

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