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Types of Translation Service Providers

Updated on May 14, 2013

Different Types of Translation Service Providers

1. Translation Companies/Agencies

Translation Companies are more often than not more efficient and process wise. They have their own company management structure. Translators don't do the accounting and customer service. They have their own dedicated staff to do each functions of the business. HR takes care of employee related role while CSR takes care of the client's communication and or job-related tasks. Translators do what they do best, translate and deliver quality products and end-result. The result, more jobs done, more clients and business' gained and more funds came in.

If the job involves multiple or complex languages and tight schedules, a competent translation company can be more likely handle all the areas of the project.

2. Freelancers

A top-notch translation professional is someone who is a translator by profession and not just someone who call themselves translators (those unemployed and in search for odd jobs). It is important to ask for references, credentials, certifications, work samples etc. to know if you are working with a real established translator.

3. Language Schools

Language schools at times offer translation services with the work done by their in-house language teachers or translators. These organizations often charge more (about 15-30% more) while they pay their translators way below the average rate. They serve as a broker between the client and the actual translator service provider.

4. Universities

Universities provide translation services through their students and sometimes faculty members. They often offer lower rates however the technical knowledge is normally low and quality may not that first-rate. They do translations as part-time job and not that too adept in completing the production requirement, coordination, deadlines, etc.


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