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U.S. Stocks heating up

Updated on July 31, 2009

Market set to Soar

During the depth of the recession and  subsequent fall of the stock market the author urged readers to consider buying stocks at their low and enjoy the profits later when the market corrected.

Stocks that paid dividends and treasuries did well during this time but so did commodity stocks as China continued  to lead the world in consumption. Gold has done very well and emerging market stocks have led the way while other s have tumbled. 

The market is clearly in a correction phase now.  Gains are impressive as it appears the market conditions are improving with the economy.  There is a lot of money on the sidelines as nervous traders wait for the "right time" to buy back into the stock market.  Of course, when the market is blazing hot, everyone is there with the same idea. Get in while the market is moving up;

Is this the best plan to make money in stocks?  Nothing is sure, but past history indicates that a better time to get into stocks is when there is little interest or alot of fear. Let me assure you, however, if you don't have the time to study individual stocks and don't want to pay a broker, it's better to simply buy a bill from the bank and collect the interest on it.

Quality Systems (qsii) was selling at about 26 when I bought it last year. Now it is at 58, after breaking through its high for the year of 55.  Pay-chex and I-Surgical  are also stocks that held up during the downturn.

Oil stocks have been off because demand has dropped worldwide as consumers drive less by choice or because they no longer have a job to drive to. There is pent up demand for housing and already construction companies are preparing for the boom that will follow, probably toward the end of this year in some areas, such as California. Other areas of the country may start up slower and on a more steady pace.

Of course, when people stop talking about how bad everything is, the psychology of the market will change and prices will go higher as enthusiasm leads the way.  As long as there is doom and gloom the market may sputter up and down as buyers fear every loose rumor.

Next time someone complains, tell them recovery is here.   Don't wait like everyone else until everything is too expensive and it's too late to make any money.  Get in early while p;rices are still low enough for you to make some money.   

This is not a solicitation to buy or sell anything.


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