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Unbelievable ways to save money

Updated on April 23, 2015

I have a couple of lists of how you can save money. Each of them are simple things that can improve your way to saving.

1. Turn off all electronics if you are not using them

This is one of the easiest steps to saving money. I am referring to any electronic device that you plug into the socket including TV, radio, computers, modems toasters etc. before going to sleep or work turn off remember to turn off the lights and unplug all the devices. Surprisingly, even if you turn appliances and electronics off, they may still be sucking up extra watts. Unplugging the electronics you aren’t using will save you money. If it’s hard for you to remember to turn off electronics, you can purchase a smart strip power strip that automatically turns off electricity to all the devices you aren’t using at all. So turning off and unplugging all electronic devices saves energy and thus this will greatly cut your electric bill.

2. Write list before going out shopping

A lot of statistics have been made on shoppers and a high percentage of them don’t know what to buy whenever they go out to malls or grocery stores. They end up buying expensive things that are not worth or a lot of things like food that isn’t that necessary. Creating a well thought out shopping list will help you save money and reduce food wastage. Also when shopping make sure you buy healthy foods. I know this sounds awkward but healthy foods can actually save you money because they are cheaper. There has been a study that has shown that people who are going through weigh loss diets, they not only lose their weight but they also reduce their food budget. If you feel like you can’t remember to make a shopping list, no need to worry because you can try out online shopping because it is easier to remember the things you want when making an online purchase.

3. Quit taking expensive things like wines, gambling or taking a lot of girls to dates

I know this sounds crazy but it’s something worth . I know that many people like to go out on weekends with their friends to remove work stress, in the process people spend a lot on expensive wines or taking many bottles of beer and end up wasting money. Instead you can just order some juice or some glass of water in parties if you really want to embrace the art of saving. Yes people will make fun of you but why should you care. You should care about your financial status. Also avoid places like casino if you are not experienced in gambling because you could lose your money before you realize it. About taking a lot of girls to dates, try to minimize the numbers. I know guys always want to prove that they are real men to their friend by having many girlfriends, this is not the case. A real man is the one who has only one girlfriend and is financially table. Small thing like this can help you save money

4. Entertain your children cheaply but not too cheap

This situation applies to birthday parties, tea parties or any other form of kids party. Don’t spend big entertaining your children. Instead you can entertain them cheaply but not too cheap. You can even make your own decorations together with your children instead on buying them and also this is most likely to make your children be creative. It’s not a must to rent a bouncing castle instead think of a game is more fun than a bouncy castle that your kids can really enjoy playing. Also if you have a teenage daughter who is about to go to a prom date, it’s not a must you go to an expensive clothing store like Louis Vuitton or Gucci, I am sure you can get the same dress at a lower cost in a cheap clothing stores which offer discounts. This is another cheap way to save money.

5. Sell your old items online

This includes things that are not necessary to have or things that you don’t use. You can sell your old stuffs to a number of people who really need them, this includes old books, old movies, furniture or maybe clothes which you never use. There are a number of sites where you can sell these item like eBay, craigslist, olx etc. instead of keeping them. You can also conduct a yard sale to sell all the items that you don’t use. Also if you really want to embrace the act of saving, you can purchase stuffs from other people’s yard sales and this a very good opportunity to bargain, but make sure you buy something of high quality in yard sales.

6. Always do a maintenance repair operations on your appliances

Always remember to repair any broken device to avoid spending money to buy another one. Also, check for any clogged pipes and if you find any you can fix it yourself and if the situation is extreme you can call a plumber to fix the problem. Make thorough cleaning on metallic surface and remove stains which can destroy the surfaces. Check all the vents of all the equipment in your house regularly and clean all the dust this way you can cut the maintenance cost.


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