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Unclaimed funds by state! Insurance policies, trusts, inheritances, and more. Where is my money?

Updated on May 23, 2016

Unclaimed funds

Everyone needs more money! Find my money!
Everyone needs more money! Find my money!

You just never know

I thought of this Hub when my husband and I started searching online for unclaimed funds. Really, we were just curious to see if we were lucky enough to have any money floating out in the world, waiting for us to claim it.

Well...we didn't, but a lot of our family and friends did, which made me feel obligated to write this, and help others find money they didn't know was theirs.

We were able to find my husbands grandmother $15,000.00 in an unclaimed insurance policy that she didn't realize wasn't cashed in. She ended up buying a new car with it! She is 71 years old and drives a brand new car, with no car payment! How awesome is that? All that out of a curious google search. Her scenario was one of the largest we found, but it's just proof that it happens!

We've found family members and friends $100.00's of dollars, they didn't know they had. Most of the time, it was a simple fact of not knowing where to look, or being unorganized, which a lot of people are. If you're not strict on your household budget, it's very easy to lose track of transactions happening in your favor! But finding money you didn't know was owed to you is a bit like hitting a lottery, even if the payout isn't $15,000.00. What could you do with a few extra bucks? I bet a lot.

What do you have to lose? Other than a possible pile of cash, nothing!

So look no further. If you've landed on this page, and have unclaimed funds, you're about to claim them!

Where is my money!!

Have you ever claimed funds you didn't know you had?

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Who is holding your unclaimed funds?
Who is holding your unclaimed funds?

How does this happen?

UNCLAIMED PROPERTY HOLDERS MUST pursue all options to locate the property’s owner before determining which state they should report the assets to. Companies have policies in place to track potential unclaimed property and comply with state reporting requirements. States can audit a company when they fail to comply and report unclaimed funds. Penalties and interest can quickly build up. And no company or business owner wants that! So when a company cannot locate the rightful owner, the funds are sent to a state and held within that state by mandated laws.

Typically, inactivity on accounts for a year or longer will cause funds to be transferred to an "un-claimed" location, just waiting for you...

What kind of funds are typically unclaimed?

  • Insurance policies
  • Un-cashed payroll
  • Dividend checks
  • Mutual funds and securities
  • Un-redeemed money orders
  • Gift certificates
  • Traveler's checks
  • Inactive bank account refunds
  • Customer over payments
  • Utility bill deposits
  • Trust distributions
  • Annuities

How do I find my funds?

Lucky for you, all you have to do is click the links I've provided in this article. Enter your name and location and let the database find your money. They will have you complete a claim form, and then you just wait for your payment!

Didn't find any money?

That's OK. I have a lot of other ideas you can follow to save money if you didn't hit the un-claimed fund jackpot. From skincare, utility bills, DIY projects, recipes, and more, your lifestyle can change without much more effort than to keep reading!

Check out many more links below...

© 2013 Rebecca


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    • profile image

      Alise- Evon 4 years ago

      That's so great about your grandmother!

      I did this once several years ago; didn't find anything, but it was interesting. Thanks for the reminder, I'll have to look into this again.

      Voted useful.