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Reclaim American Jobs - How Unemployment Costs Each of Us and What We Can Do About It

Updated on March 25, 2016

Unemployment costs each and every American. Not just in economic dollars from unemployment insurance but from loss of productivity and vitality of our overall economy. The argument about pensions and over payment needs to be tempered with the fact that retirees are contributing to the economy with payment for food, shelter and clothing. The future of our country may be socialist but with the social security, the first foot was in the door. Eliminate social security and have the financial wizards and their greed further control us? Most certainly not.

Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution.

Dollars are fungible - meaning they have no mark of ownership. A dollar to me is the same dollar to you, the value of a dollar to me is much different to me from you.

The value of that dollar to the economy overall is the same.

The source of the dollar is important. For the unemployed to have gainful employment is not not monetary - it s a mental health item too. Obesity is set upon the foundation of depression. We are creating a frail body of humans by not having them work. From our youth to the middle age to our seniors, work programs are needed. Unemployment must be addressed.

Early retirement is expensive, I have calculated the costs too many times in my career as CFO. The cost to the economy is different. If I retire someone and then hire someone, the economy grows. If I lay off someone and don't replace that person, the economy suffers - that is what has occurred.

Health care here in the US is crippling in costs. One worker costs $12-$20,000 just in health benefits. In China an engineer's entire salary is less than the cost of the average of American health care.

Obama Starts Speaking at Minute 8 About Unemployment and Importance of Creating Jobs

December 2010 Unemployment

While Wisconsin represents less than 2% of the nation, the statistics are a direct parallel.  With more than 5% unemployment, the effect of unemployment has a substantial impact upon both the national and the local economy.

Wisconsin had 277,000 unemployed, the United States 14.485 million.  That is allot of families struggling.  These statistics do not showcase those who are underemployed or those who have run out of benefits.

December 2010 Data for Wisconsin and the United States

Latest Numbers for Wisconsin and US
Seasonally Adjusted WI US Unemployment rate:

7.5% 9.4%

Civilian labor force: 3,050,100 153,690,000

Number employed: 2,822,400 139,206,000

Number unemployed:227,700 14,485,000

Young and Unemployed Detailed

The solutions are complicated. The economics are complicated. Macro and micro economics are much different. A global view of the economics is needed. A holistic view of the cost of unemployment upon our society is frightening. Put America back to work. Every American needs to strive to buy American. Every American must realize the damage caused by buying foreign. Yes, you have more things for now, but for a lifetime both you, your family and your neighbors may well be unemployed.

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