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Unlocking Your Happy Retirement, Do You Have the Key?

Updated on June 30, 2012
Do You Have the Key to Have a Happy Retirement?
Do You Have the Key to Have a Happy Retirement?

What is the Key?

Think you are ready for the key to a happy retirement? Could you handle it? The key I must share on how to retire happy is an easy one and is particularly staring everyone of us in the face. The absolute key to a happy retirement is usually to never retire!

You were not mistaken, you didn’t read that wrong. And also no, I am not crazy. I'm suggesting that in order to obtain happiness you should never retire. But wait, isn’t there a catch? There is always a catch, as expected.

It's All About Perspective

You will not ever want to stop should you love what you're doing because it fulfills your very purpose in life. This is the fine print. You will not even think of that day when you are able stop working to spend time fishing. In reality is, you will find it really difficult to even think about what life would be like without getting up every single day and going to “work” in order to satisfy your mission in life.

And here’s yet another fascinating thing that I have found about discovering your life’s purpose and serving that purpose. To be able to progress and expand your mission, you should determine what you wish to do and use that mission to help others. How cool is that?

Never again will you be needing to toil away, day in and day out, earning a living at a job which you took as an easy way to an end. No longer will you have to find the will to get out of bed every day. You have the purpose to do whatever you want to do on a daily basis, every day and no longer will you desire to daydream about that fictional “someday” when it's possible to retire happy.

You can enjoy and live life at this moment instead. And when you make this happen, there is no need to retire from anything at all. You would want to keep going and going like the Energizer bunny.

Steps to a Happy Retirement

The key to being happily retired usually takes a little work. Getting and desiring it to physically transpire would require you to improve your way of thinking. Then again here’s another secret, accomplishing both of those things is not as hard as you have been taught to believe.

To begin with, learn in your heart that one could find abundant contentment and financial abundance by proactively altering your mindset from earning a living for wages to doing the job with purpose. Next, find a way to create passive, residual income that can take proper care of your living expenses. Here’s an idea: Investing in real-estate will give you exactly that. Eventually, use that additional free time to begin fulfilling your life purpose and living life immediately. And then, well, happy retirement just becomes a phrase for those who are living for someday instead of actually living today.

About the Author:

Guest posting is Darwin Feldman, a real estate investor from Los Angeles, CA. He's an expert at retirement planning, into NBA (Go Heat!), cooking, and reading stuff. He's also single and currently living with his two boston terrier puppies. Read more retirement articles here


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