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Coupon Codes And How To Save Money Using Promo Codes Shopping Online

Updated on July 7, 2014

Want To Shop Online?

If you ever wanted to shop online, it's a great idea (especially around Christmas time). No lines, no fighting customers or bumper to bumper traffic. I do, however; miss the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but sometimes it's easier to click a purchase than drive to the department store- anytime of the year.

Shopping Online Is Easy

Shopping online is easy, but make it affordable using coupon codes
Shopping online is easy, but make it affordable using coupon codes

How To Use Online Coupon Codes

Using coupon codes and promo codes has changed my life forever when I shop online. I always look for my coupon codes BEFORE I actually do any shopping. I found out that if you look for your codes when you are ready to "check out", then they either log you out or someone else has purchased the last item you need. Which happens way too often, especially when you find the really good deals.

So, I usually open up another tab if I at the Ebates site, or if my store isn't registered through Ebates, then I have the store I am wanting to browse at up in another window. I ALWAYS ALWAYS, Google the words "coupon codes" for let's say Kohl's.

All kinds of coupon codes and promo codes are everywhere. Please remember, that not all coupon codes work. They do expire and some just don't work, but that's when you keep searching.

Where Do You Put The Coupon Code

This is where the fun begins! Now that you've found your coupon code, open up another window (page). Now go to Ebates and see if the store you have chosen to shop at is a registered store. Once you found the store on Ebates, then click on it, and it automatically generates a ticket and takes you to that store. Now that you did your shopping, you are ready to checkout. But wait!, you have your coupon code and really want to utilize it. Not only are you going to get CASH BACK, you are going to save money with your coupon code you diligently were looking for.

When you are typing in your name, address, etc., and there is a little box that says "coupon code" or sometimes "promo code." That's where you type in your code you have found.

Remember, don't always take the first coupon code you have found! There are so many to choose from, and I have found that if I keep looking, I find a better one! After all, I found one for making this site for 10% off, but after careful reconsideration and my desire to save, I found one for 50%. Also, there are some stores that actually take "2" coupon/promo codes, and so you are saving even more!

Ways To Get Money Back For Shopping

Most of the economy is down and grocery prices, gas, clothes, everything is going up.After struggling in the economy, like many of us, I started looking into being a smarter shopper. Since I do almost all my shopping online, I found out how to use coupon/promo codes. This has been a life altering, and may I say, Pleasant experience. Before we get started, I highly suggest you register with Ebates. When shopping THROUGH, you actually get cash back in a week or 2 of a percentage of your purchase. I did get $50 back last year during Christmas shopping. I'm not that big of spender, so if you spend more, you will get more back. Another thing I do is utilize my leftover food. You would be amazed how you can make 2 meals out of one.


Ebates is very easy to sign up for and when you are ready to start shopping, just find the store you are looking for (they have thousands), just click on it and it automatically generates a ticket. That's all you need to do. Some stores have a percentage of 20 percent or more cash back. They either send you a check or through Paypal. Don't go shopping there just yet. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. If you still aren't sure how to use Ebates, watch the video below.

Exactly How to Use Ebates Video


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