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Using Ebates to Make Money on What You Buy

Updated on May 4, 2011

Earning Rebates Online

If you're like me, you do a lot of shopping online. I do a LOT of online shopping, and I love a good bargain. If you know how to shop online well, you can get great prices on everything and have your items quickly. Recently, I signed up for Ebates to try to get more out of what I buy. I've found that you can maximize the amount of money you get back by signing up for one or more sites for what you buy, and I'll tell you how to make Ebates work for you in conjunction with other cash back and reward offers.

Where You Shop Online Makes All the Difference

I love to shop on eBay- you can't beat the bargains, and pretty much anything you could ever think of needing is right there. If you sign up for Ebates and click through the eBay link on the site, you get 2 to 3% cash back on what you buy on the eBay account that you already have.

Here's how I maximize my cash and rewards: I am a MyPoints member, and when you sign up for a new eBay account through MyPoints, anything you buy with that account gets you points toward gift cards. I regularly get restaurant and gas cards (you get to choose your cards) from the points I accrue there. Then, eBay now has its own cash back program, earning me 2% back in credits for my purchases. Then, I use Ebates to get 2 to 3% back. So, by buying items that I would have bought anyway and buying them at a bargain price, I get cash back, points toward gift cards and credits that I can use on eBay to buy more items that I need. You can't beat that!

If you shop online regularly, it's worth your while to sign up with Ebates to get some cash back on what you buy. Just copy and paste the URL below to get signed up:

Where You Can Shop Through Ebates

The only problem that I have with Ebates is that Amazon is not included in the online stores that can earn you money back. I shop quite a bit on Amazon (if you use Amazon- spring for Amazon Prime and get free shipping. It's a huge savings!). However, I am not getting any cash back from them. If you want to get money back on Amazon, you need to get their credit card and use it for your purchases.

There are many other stores that you can use Ebates with, however. If you like to shop for clothes and housewares online, you can shop at the Kohls online store and get 4% cash back. For toys, you can shop in the ToysRUs site and get 1 to 2% cash back. At, you get a whopping 12% cash back. At the HP website, you get 5% cash back. 

Just about anything you need you can shop for and get a rebate. Sephora, Groupon, Piperlime, Lancome (11% cash back!), Barnes and Noble (8%!), eBags and even WalMart (2%!) all participate in the program and all can be made more affordable with the money offered by Ebates.

How to Get Paid to Shop by Ebates

While the cash back is great, the payments are quarterly instead of the monthly payments from sites that I am used to. However, this means the accruing money will make for a nice payday from the site.

The minimum payment is only $5, and your amount does roll over if you don't reach the payout in one quarter. But really, how can you not if you are a regular online shopper? You do get $5 in your account automatically when you sign up. In my first 10 days as a member, I made almost $10, including that free $5. Over time, these payments could add up to a serious amount of money for even casual online shoppers. 


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