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Using Hubpages to pay off student loan Debt!

Updated on October 21, 2011

As the recession continues for many, some might even call it a depression, one thing has been constant and that is the student loan bills! Graduating from college at the very beginning of the recession, in May 2009, a half a year after the stock market crashed life hasn't gone as planned and I'm not the only one. Although i was already planning on going to graduate school, which would defer my loans for a few semesters, I didn't get into the school of my choice till January of 2010. This break between undergraduate and graduate school caused me to use up all my grace period on my student loans. This meant i had a month worth of payments to make before I began graduate school. I was shocked by how much I had taken in loans, even just going to a state university! Now I am constantly thinking about the amount of student loan debt I have as i add more every semester in Graduate school. I am proud that i will have a undergraduate degree, graduate degree and a certificate for all under $50,000 which isn't the best but definitely isn't the most people have put themselves in debt even just for one degree! So here I am like many people in this country with tons of student debt and no great career opportunities. The sucker punch is that we were told all our lives that student loan debt was good debt, it was an investment in your future. Well now that investment costs too much for the results we're finding. It's getting harder and harder for college graduates to pay off student loans. What has resulted is a whole generation that can't get beyond their student debt, which means they can't move on to be good consumers like they are suppose to, which will impact the overall economy even more. (Sorry for the sarcasm!)

So with student debt breathing down the backs of so many and jobs so scarce, what are the options? Well one is to apply and apply to jobs hoping to get one before the bills come, two would be to work one or more part time jobs to pay the loans off and hope your parents are willing to put you up for a while, or three try to work and do some online work. It's very hard to make a career out of working online, however it is not impossible to get a decent payout of every month. A payment that might just cover a good percentage or perhaps all your loan payments. At least that is what i'm hoping for! Many have claimed to make 1,000's of dollars through various online work every month but even more have seen payments of $100-$300 a month. this could be a lifesaver for many graduates, who can put the online work in on their free time and hope for the passive income to continue to pour in. It's not a get rich fast scheme but for someone like me, who will hopefully be done with school in the spring of 2012, it might just be enough to cover most of my student loan bills, leaving my career income for other expenses!

What ways to earn money online

So what are some ways to try and earn some money online in hopes of paying of some student debt? Look below, I've listed four different ways to try and earn money online.

  • Use Hubpages! Hubpages is the site your reading this on right now! It is a site where members (which is free) write hubs (articles). These hubs then have ads displayed on them if you sign up for the various affilates including Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebay and Hubpages own program. Its a great community and a fun place to make a few dollars! Join here: Join Hubpages!
  • Another online resource that I have recently discover and am already earning some google adsense money is, a site where you ask and answer questions. The better your answer the more ad impressions are given to you which means more money! So far I am very impressed with the site and have learned a lot in researching answers for questions! Join Webanswers!
  • yet another way to earn money online is through stock photography sites. This takes a little more effort considering you need to like photography and have a decent camera. There are a number of sites i find interesting but the one I ended up joining, for free, is Dreamstime. Your photos do go through a judgement process before being added, some are rejected, but the community is great on Dreamstime and once you get use to the requirements you can make some cash! Join Dreamstime!
  • Finally there is google blogger, the blogging site by google. The site allows your to activate Google adsense to make money on your blogs. The results vary on what your blogs are about and the traffic to them but is worth a try!

Have you used online earnings towards student loan debt?

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    • Jlava73 profile image

      Jennifer Vasconcelos 6 years ago from Cyberspace and My Own World

      Thankfully, I don't have student loan debt. Great hub!