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Using Video On Your Site

Updated on August 14, 2009

Advertising With Video

Advertising With Video

Advertising with video on your site is one of, if not the best way to reach thousands of people and direct them to your site. Implementing a perfectly placed video on your site explaining what your site is about along with a link to get to it can go a long way in driving more and more traffic to your site.

Videos are easy to make and easy to upload to your site whether it's from YouTube, Meta Cafe or any other Video Site. It's all self-explanatory when up-loading a video. Most of the videos are no longer than 5 minutes in duration and are direct and to the point.

If you take a tour of YouTube and look up "How To Make Money Online" you'll find hundreds of different videos for that subject. Now the trick is to make sure you make it clear on the video that all the information when they visit your link is free and won't cost them a dime.

Rehearse the video before you make it and make sure it covers everything you're trying to convey to the customer. Now I know there are some people are trying to sell things through their site. The most important thing when placing the video is to peak the person that watches the videos interest so they will click your link to visit your site.

And don't stop at just YouTube. there are a lot more sites like YouTube that you can place your video on. Go to all of them and repeat the process. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how many responses you get by placing these videos. Your traffic will increase and if you have a quality product that information will be spread through good ole word of mouth.

If you don't have a video camera most new digital cameras record video also. You may not have a full five minutes to film it but try and condense all your information into a 2-3 minute presentation.

Now with all the info I've given you on SEO, Backlinks, Article Submissions and Submitting your URL to all the major Search Engines your traffic to should increase dramatically which in turn will increase your Adsense Profits as well as your Affiliate Profits.

This is how you start to make money with your website or blog but this is something you will always have to stay on top of if you truly want to be successful. Next up I will be showing you how to fine tune your site for optimum profit. Get busy and most of all...DO YOUR RESEARCH!


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