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Data Entry Work !

Updated on September 9, 2017

You can do this in your spare time.

Data entry work is hard to find online and get paid for your keying skills. It's very hard to find places that will pay you for your time online.

This a place that pays, you to work as an independent contractor and they will pay you when you reach $30 every time. Smart Crowd is where you can do this.

You will make some money, but again it depends on you how much you want put into, it won't replace your full time job.

I can tell you when the work is available you can make better than expected. I do this in my spare time to compliment my full time job.

There is no set hours to keep with this, when there is work you can work whenever you want as long as you want, but there are times when there is no work so, it will take longer to make cash out. But its for real.

Sign up and test your skills

It's legitimate, but Don't quit you full time job. When there is work it's good.

Don't quit you day job

But there are things to do to create extra income.

Surveys are one.

Remember best places you can actually start to work at home in your local papers and main job finders on line like indeed, career builders.


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